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Auto.Sky Business One 

SAP Business One is a widely adopted ERP solution that powers thousands of companies around the world. However, as it was designed to use client/server architecture, it does not natively benefit from cloud infrastructure. Installing it on any datacenter or even on the public cloud doesn’t mean that you will automatically enjoy scalability, high availability or security of the cloud and you may end up paying more for resources that are under-utilized.

Auto.Sky Business One dramatically simplifies the job of anyone that wants to run SAP Business One on AWS and expects to have all the true benefits of the cloud.

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Sky.One's platform allows you to experience more than just the traditional benefits of Cloud Computing 

Immediate Availability
Based on highly replicable image sets, a new environment can be spun up in minutes. With a full SAP Business One installation already included, you can start working on your data immediately.

Database Management
Both Microsoft SQL and HANA environments are fully managed and you don’t have to spend your cycles on keeping and maintaining the database. Most of the operations have been already automated, and the Sky.One team takes care of everything for you.

Auto.Sky dynamically creates a pool of resources to receive remote connections from the users of any customer. It’s built-in predictive algorithms associated with the permanent monitoring of the CPU, memory, number of sessions and rate of connections, ensures that the right resources will always be available to the end user. The platform also creates resources automatically when new users need to be accommodated.

Data Protection
Auto.Sky manages the automatic backup to protect your data from data corruption or any other incident that may compromise your database.

All instances are fully monitored. Performance degradation as well as hardware incidents trigger alarms and automated tasks that pro-actively restore the environments to their original status.

Customer Private Installation 
Each customer runs on a dedicated installation of SAP Business One allowing a highly customizable environment setup that can accommodate additional software packages, printers and external integrations with other software solutions.


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