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Digital transformation has been evolving everyday for small and medium-sized businesses. In order to take the next step and avoid being left behind in the market, it is necessary to migrate to the cloud, especially when talking about Enterprise Management Softwares (ERP).

To meet customers’ expectations, organizations need to assure their IT environment and their applications — essentials to keep the business running — operate in a safe environment now and in the future. That means migrating to the cloud!

Cloud migration can improve the team’s agility and performance, reducing the total proprietary cost, and speeding the innovation process using development technology and automation from the cloud itself.

In this case, the best option is to search for a simple migration alternative. And here you are in the right place! What was once complex and required technical skills has become simple and accessible thanks to Sky.One!

Benefits of cloud software

Do you still have doubts if migrating your management system to the cloud is the best option? Let us show you the benefits you’ll have:

  • Reduce IT teams and make team members more efficient with infrastructure management provided by the cloud;
  • Reduce infrastructure costs, such as maintenance, power and space;
  • Establish the access level for each user;
  • Access the system using any browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer etc.);
  • Achieve the security you need by auditing and using log reports.
I want to migrate now

Auto.Sky: cloud migration in just a few hours

Auto.Sky is a solution developed by Sky.One team focused on helping those that are looking for a complete infrastructure migration to the cloud. Everything is made quickly and painless: we take care of the entire process for you!

Connecting to the platform is as easy as it seems: the system is available through internet browser access, which means all users can access it from wherever they are.

Thus, your team saves time to focus on what really matters, such as setting up the ERP software and establishing parameters on which it should run, leaving all the cloud complexity to us — and your team happy with a complete environment.

I want to go to the cloud!

Migrating desktop softwares to the cloud is our specialty

Sky.One was born with one purpose: transform the lives of those who consume technology, using all cloud potential. Since our first operating day, over 600 companies trusted our skills and capacity to innovate and change the way they use their systems.

If cloud migration used to take months of work, now with Auto.Sky it only takes a few hours!

This is just one of the benefits you’ll have by using our solution:

Benefits by using Sky.One

  • Reduce costs by using SaaS and gain predictability of spending on the cloud;
  • You can count with an experienced and certified team, specialized in infrastructure, software and development;
  • Multi cloud, possibility to use the largest public infrastructure players in the world (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Huawei Cloud).

Benefits of a public cloud

  • Business continuity: 99,9% of system availability and damage recovery;
  • Security guarantee: data encrypted and replicated in different regions;
  • Flexibility: unlimited infrastructure resources;
  • The best structure for your team and your customers: have access to the most advanced equipment in the world with affordable prices.

Preparing for ERP cloud migration

If your company is looking to improve ERP use and infrastructure management, now is the right time to change. A company that migrates in an organized and planned way can save up to 70% of their expenses.

Count with Sky.One to plan your cloud migration!

Customers can be carefree. The cloud is a remote structure and Sky.One has simplified it even more, without losing performance of our software

Silvio Sousa
Consinco CCO

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