Simplifying the migration of a complex software

Counting on a state-of-the-art intelligent ERP software is an important step for any organization that needs to transform its processes. But what is the next step after this implementation?

In order to avoid falling behind in the market, it is necessary to migrate to the cloud, mainly talking about the management software.

Whether you are looking to elevate or change your scenarios using SAP solutions, ERP software in the cloud can help:

  • Reduce your costs;
  • Go beyond the infrastructure to innovate around its main lines of business;
  • Modernize SAP ECC, SAP S / 4HANA or SAP Business One.

On all of these fronts, Sky.One can accelerate your SAP transformation!

We have solutions for all types of SAP

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Solutions for SAP S/4HANA and SAP ECC in the cloud

Given the crucial condition of the SAP S/4HANA and SAP ECC workloads, it is common for C-Suite executives to make conservative decisions regarding its infrastructure. This is understandable in the position of those who want to select a proven solution that minimizes risks.

To deliver the solution you need, Sky.One has created an exclusive business unit: it’s the Cloud Guru.

With Cloud Guru, we make your routine easier: we plan, migrate and support all your applications in the cloud. All this as a unified solution, taking advantage of the cloud for what you really need!

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Cloud Guru Services

Solutions for SAP Business One in the Cloud

Running SAP Business One in the cloud without the right automation tools can frustrate initial expectations and pose a technical challenge to the deployment team and the IT team that supports the software.

Auto.Sky Business One is a solution developed especially for small and medium-sized companies looking for an SAP Cloud infrastructure to ease management and obtain cost predictability that allows them to grow without significant CAPEX expenses. To connect with the platform is easy: since it’s available via the web, users can access intelligence from wherever they are.

Thus, your team gains time to focus on what really matters, such as parameterization and configuration of the SAP itself

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Auto.Sky Business One Benefits


The entire hardware infrastructure can be set up in minutes — installing SAP Business One is done on the fly! The best: everything is custom-made for your business. Additional resources can also be requested as needed.

Complete cloud solution with online access

To connect with Auto.Sky Business One, you only need to access the personalized login page from any browser, and enter your information quickly, securely, and encrypted. Its entire application is available for remote access via the Web.

Mobile access

Through the SAP Business One application, you can also access the platform from your mobile phone. Integration with the customer’s environment is provided automatically after requesting a license for use via mobile.

Automatic backups

The backups related to the application and the databases are made automatically and stored in a cloud service prepared for this. With a standardized retention period of 7 days, it is possible to recover all data from the last week.


The cost of hosting SAP Business One On Premise or in a Data Center is often expensive and exceeds the value of common hardware. With Auto.Sky you get high availability and scalability, bringing cost savings.

Pay as you go

With Auto.Sky, you can predict and maintain safe budget planning. You pay for users with access to the system, having the option to increase its structure according to your demand.

What is our competitive advantage from other companies?

We work with all types of cloud. You can check here which are the points that differentiate Auto.Sky in the market.


Internal licensing for Microsoft SQL and Windows

Microsoft licenses for SQL servers, as well as the Windows operating system, are already included in our proposals, removing one more concern from your list.


Add-Ons Support

The Auto.Sky environment evolves with new technologies. This means that any add-on that is certified by SAP will be compatible with our dedicated environments. All you need to do is provide us the licenses.

For our shared structure, add-ons must be approved for use by SAP’s Cloud Control Center. In addition, they also undergo internal certification for greater data security.

High performance Accelerated Deploy

Auto.Sky offers the best hardware performance in public clouds. We analyze and choose the best combination between: storage, memory and CPU, to deliver everything you need.

Database management – HANA and SQL

With Auto.Sky Business One, you have a complete infrastructure to run SAP, which has the HANA database and also SQL. We manage the entire database, its environment and management pack.

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