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We understand that you are often interested in having new offers for your customers. However, we also know that the study and creation of a Go To Market Cloud following good communication, support and sales practices can be an obstacle for it.

Therefore, we created the Sky.One Partner Program in order to support ISVs and VARs to develop and expand their offerings with Sky.One products quickly.

The Partner Program has several levels: as the partner is highly engaged with our products, it increases its level and consequently receives more benefits and support from Sky.One.

I want to be a Sky.One partner

Meet some of our partners

We have more than 300 approved software and more than 200 assets in our Partnership Program.

How we help all our partners

The partnership with Sky.One goes far beyond the best technical solution of Go To Market Cloud. We will help you with:

  • Contract creation and pricelist
  • Commercial training
  • Support training
  • Development of marketing and sales actions
  • Participation on Sky.One actions and events

By becoming an official partner, your company also has the following exclusive benefits:

Accelerated project deployment:

With Sky.One solutions, you no longer need servers for your customers. This means no more waiting months for huge, expensive, high-maintenance machines. Your deployment starts tomorrow, anticipating your revenues.

Performance and Security:

If your customers have overloaded servers and are hesitant to invest in new machines, the cloud solution is perfect. In addition to having great performance, you now have redundancy, availability and all the security of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

New commercial offers:

Many of our partners create new solutions incorporating cloud infrastructure and significantly increase their revenue. After all, selling more to those who are already your customers is cheaper than getting new ones.

Sky.One Marketing Support:

A partnership with Sky.One goes far beyond just a business relationship. We are ready to help you with all our knowledge in ERPs and Cloud, as well as offering a complete “Go-to-market”, with everything you need to quickly hit the market.

In addition to all the technological and commercial benefits of our products, we value the growth of our partners’ business.

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I want to be a Sky.One partner