Integra.Sky and 4IES: integration of financial entries

The project between Integra.Sky and 4IES encompassed the integration of information with the company's financial application. Thus, it invested in a project with an iPaaS to accelerate its deliveries.

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About the company 

4IES reduces bureaucracy in the financial life of higher education institutions. With its own management system, it presents an innovative way of receiving their monthly fees, guaranteeing 100% of the revenue, even before the students pay, solving difficulties with default and cash flow.

4IES ' financial technology allows students to generate 2nd copy of bank slips, receive alerts, anticipate installments, carry out negotiations and integrate students' preferred communication channels, reducing default levels and evasion through predictive data based on neuroscience.


With the acceleration of its go-to-market strategy, it was necessary to look for a systems integration solution that would allow scaling the onboarding of customers and reduce the time between entering and generating results for the business. One of 4IES's biggest growth barriers is the diversity of backoffice systems used by customers, there are hundreds of market systems and each one with its own integration logic.

A large portion of educational institutions end up sending their documents in excel format which, even when forwarded in the correct layout, still needs a great deal of human intervention to classify and import into the 4IES management system for later processing.

As institutions cannot change their back office system, it was necessary to solve the integration problem using excel and finding another format to resolve the issue. Even using integration via APIs, integration using Excel spreadsheets (CSV) was necessary in order not to lose the market niche that does not have APIs.

4IES did not have a proprietary platform to import and transform data during the onboarding process, which means that getting customer data into the application turned out to be very laborious and time-consuming, compromising the internal team and, consequently, the delivery of projects. 

According to Cleiton Martins, Product Manager, at 4IES, “we needed more agility to integrate information, to put customer data inside the house, in a practical and quick way, and that was exactly what Integra.Sky helped us to do , improve the onboarding process with customers.”

Not using a data integration and automation platform was certainly what was hindering 4IES' go-to-market and its generation of results for the business.


Cleiton got to know Integra.Sky at the Bossa Nova Summit 2022 event when visiting exhibitors in search of solutions to their business problems. According to Cleiton “We were at the event looking for news, when we found out Integra.Sky and saw the possibility of making integrations without code and spending little, we immediately scheduled a meeting and the partnership quickly emerged”  

The Integra.Sky team of architects realized that the best solution for the 4IES case would be to train the operations team and provide the integration functionalities via FTP/SFTP, the transformation of data in the flow and automatic import. After a few knowledge transfer sessions, the team was up and running and successfully onboarding their customers.

Cleiton adds that “the biggest benefits of Integra.Sky are related to the flexibility of Sky.One Solutions' iPaaS and the way in which low-code is used to create integrations in an agile way and with a significant reduction of effort. As it is a high-level platform, we do not need to hire implementation and/or support services to develop the integrations, which helped us gain time and internal speed”.  


4IES employees reduced the time needed to set up new operations with their customers, greatly reduced the manual processes, which were necessary to treat and arrange excel spreadsheets. After integrating systems with Integra.Sky , information is generated, synchronized and updated according to business needs.

Processes have become more efficient with positive impacts on various aspects of the business. “We had savings of up to 70% in project development, and revenue increased with the entry of new users. Before Integra.Sky we served customers only via internal API and after contracting the platform we integrated 6,000 new students in the first month with import via spreadsheets, enabling more than 10,000 students at a time.”, he says

Today the project is running very well, the processes are more agile and less bureaucratic, we hope in the future to expand integrations via APIs to other areas of the business using Integra.Sky .

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