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About the company

Agroverde is one of the largest pet shop chains in Sorocaba, in the interior of São Paulo. The company has two stores in the city, with headquarters based in São Roque (SP). With 23 years of experience in the market, Agroverde serves about a thousand customers daily in its three units. The network's average monthly revenue is approximately R$ 22 million per year.


Agroverde maintained its management system and its database on a physical server located at the company's headquarters in São Roque. The server controlled the network and information sharing with the Sorocaba branch. Through the server, Agroverde managed the entire financial information system, records of purchases and sales, control of customers, employees, suppliers and promotions.

With the growth of stores and the opening of another unit in Sorocaba, the structure began to be insufficient for the amount of data. “We had a lot of access problems due to internet instability, the system was always offline”, says Fernanda Branco, administrative supervisor. Fernanda also reports problems with backup and loss of information:

“Throughout the day, employees were calling from branches reporting mishaps. We couldn't work,” says the supervisor.

Agroverde also bet on the alternative of modernizing its network structure, with new servers, computers, cabling, storage and internet. However, the low cost-effectiveness made the investment unfeasible.

“Only with the exchange of servers we would have spent around R$ 30 thousand, it was an unfeasible cost”, reports Fernanda.


The idea of ​​migrating the database and management system to cloud storage was accompanied by fear and apprehension by Agroverde executives. To minimize mistrust, the company talked to business partners to define which supplier was more secure and credible. “We were between two options, but Sky.One 's values ​​were more adequate”, says Fernanda, who classifies the partnership with Amazon as another great indication of reliability.

The implementation of the new technology took about 45 days and, according to Fernanda, it was closely monitored by Sky.One support. “We had machine failures and structure lag, but the Sky.One team explained what should be corrected before the migration and was very helpful”, says the supervisor. Cloud technology began to be used by 40 employees, who adapted to the new form of access in less than a week, without the need for training.


With its system and database in the clouds, Agroverde no longer depends on the quality of the internet at its headquarters to access the company's most important information. “It has improved a lot for us, it is a technology that I recommend to my friends and partners”, says Fernanda, who already considers the cloud a market trend.

You can do this from anywhere and at any time, backed by automatic backup security, stable and reliable servers. Access speed has also improved, leaving headaches with slowness and crashes in the past. In addition, the best cost-effectiveness allowed the company to dispense with its entire server structure.

“For us it has improved a lot, it is a technology that I recommend to my friends and partners, says Fernanda, who already considers the cloud a market trend.”