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Discover the successful case of the Sky.One partnership with the ALIARE Group.

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Discover the successful case of the partnership Sky.One and the ALIARE Group, which now offers its Management Software for Agribusiness from the cloud.

1. About the company

Founded more than 20 years ago, the ALIARE Group is among the largest software companies for agribusiness in Brazil.

The company was born focused on agro and specializes in bringing technology to the management of companies and rural properties .

There are already more than 1.7 million hectares managed and more than 40 thousand users using the software units for agribusiness. In addition to ERP ALIARE, the company offers agricultural software for grain producers, an agronomic prescription solution, a digital signature solution, among others.

We invite our partner, Kelvin Queiroz, Partnership and Alliance Analyst at ALIARE , to tell us about the experience of offering these solutions in the cloud to his customers.

2. Challenges

For the agro market, there is a shared challenge: customers in locations far from large centers – which is the majority of cases of those who operate in this segment – ​​have serious difficulties in connecting to the internet and have a more precarious access infrastructure.

“Several customers who start negotiations with ALIARE often do not have or do not have adequate infrastructure” , reports Kelvin.

With this challenge clear, the migration and adaptation of ERP in the cloud was the solution found to overcome it.

3. Solution

The ALIARE group is always thinking of a way to help its customers have the best management tools and comply with the best market practices. With this focus, the solution was to seek a partnership with Sky.One , which enabled online access to the ALIARE ERPs, in the cloud .

This change in itself has already provided greater data security, in a way approved with the systems. 

In the end, the solution proved that cloud deliveries are faster and more efficient than the model with on-premises structures.

“Customers in locations with difficult access to the internet, with more precarious access infrastructure, are able to eliminate the delay of information and maintain the synchronization of information because the cloud environment is lighter and can work smoothly even with a 3G or 4G connection ” , confirms Kelvin.

In addition, the solution brought more productivity and agility, with less risk of compromising the routines of the customers' operations.

“The partnership with Sky.One helps a lot in this regard, as it is a partner that understands the necessary environment well. This, in addition to ensuring greater agility, brings more confidence to the ALIARE team to carry out activities together with the clients” , he highlights.

4. Results

According to Kelvin Queiroz, the partnership with Sky.One provided a change in the perception of several customers who had difficulties when the environment was local, on-premise.

The main feedback from those who migrated ALIARE ERPs to the cloud were:

  • Synchronization of information;
  • Decreased time spent;
  • Less concern about infrastructure;
  • More agility in the process.

All of this has led customers to have a high level of satisfaction with the services provided.

“With Sky.One , we have a reliable tool that supports us in meeting the possibilities of such an important offer for the agribusiness market, bringing more efficiency to customers wherever they are. So the partnership has been very important and will continue to be so in the coming years.” .

Increased sales and cross selling

Now, with the cloud offer, ALIARE sees an increase in sales in places that previously did not sell .

This is because, even in more difficult locations when it comes to access to connection and network infrastructure, it is possible to purchase and use ERPs.

“We noticed an increase of around 70% per year in ALIARE ERP offerings in the cloud” , confirms Kelvin.

In addition, there was an increase in cross selling due to the new offer.

What influences this increase, looking at customers who opt for the cloud offer, is that one of the most visible results is the greater availability of time to focus on what directly impacts the growth of the business , which is its management.

“They're choosing a cloud solution to get these benefits ,” notes Kelvin.

Overcoming the pandemic period

For Kelvin, the partnership was fundamental to get through the pandemic moment. “This has become evident in recent months after a drastic shift in the market. If we didn't have an already consolidated partnership, like the one we have with Sky.One , to meet these needs that customers brought to us, we would probably have encountered several difficulties” .


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