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Arius Sistemas: ERP in the Cloud

The choice of Sky.One as our partner was due to the company's expertise and credibility in the market

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About the company

Arius Sistemas is a company specialized in the development of management software for self-service retailers, such as supermarkets, toy stores, housewares, cosmetics, among others. Through its solutions, Arius meets the greatest needs of the market with different levels of business rules in the most varied segments, in order to offer practicality and security in business management, such as ERP in the cloud.


Arius, in partnership with Sky.One , a cloud management specialist , seeking to make its Arius Loja and Arius ERP solutions more efficient and secure in the cloud, guarantees its customers a lightweight, dynamic and versatile management system, strengthening processes management and control of all departments of the retailer.


The perception of technological gain by our customers was the greatest benefit. Commercially it was also very important, as having the alternative of deploying in the cloud streamlines the management of environments and the speed of updates of new functionalities for our customers. In the technical part, Arius performs better, as we are able to work with a better mapped environment, comments Mauro Uzun, Arius Business Manager.

Results with ERP in the Cloud

Today, Arius serves more than 20 customers with the Arius ERP cloud offering, a management system that can adapt to different operating models, integrating all areas of the company, from commercial to financial, in just a few clicks.

“The choice of Sky.One as our partner was due to the company's expertise and credibility in the market. After the migration or implementation in the cloud occurs, the benefits for customers are already perceptible, such as cost reduction, since, with the cloud, the cost of hardware maintenance is no longer a concern”, concludes Mauro.

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