The customer who goes through this experience knows that he will gain in cost-benefit and safety

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About the company

Athenas3000 has been operating for 21 years providing software for the accounting and business management areas in various market segments.

In the portfolio of around 1600 customers spread throughout the national territory, there are transport companies, services, accounting, foreign trade, industry, assistance entities, among others. Headquartered in Vitória, Espírito Santo, Athenas has a system of branches and resellers, also being present in other cities in the interior of Espírito Santo, in addition to Minas Gerais and Bahia.


Athenas3000 is an Integrated Business Management System through which companies from various segments are able to automate and control information and data.

The system consists of different solutions with administrative, human resources, tax and accounting functionalities.

As it expanded its customer base, Athenas3000 found it difficult to take the system to cities outside its area of ​​operation.

“The impossibility of being present in person at the client's location made it difficult to close new deals”, says Sandra Mara Teodoro, commercial coordinator.

According to Sandra, in addition to the lack of representatives, the absence of technicians did not allow for remote maintenance and support, forcing the company to invest in impractical logistics.
Stuck with these limitations, Athenas3000 required its customers to have their own infrastructure to run the solutions.

Conditions were not favorable in financial or security terms, as a server error could lead to system failures and loss of important data.


In early 2016, Athens 3000 partnered with Sky.One and acquired the Auto.Sky solution. It was the first time that the company placed its management system in the clouds.

The lack of familiarity with the new technology caused some setbacks in the first few weeks, but the efficiency of the technical support prevailed.

“ Sky.One 's team soon solved our problems with slow startup and connection to the server”, says Sandra Mara Teodoro.


With cloud technology, Athenas3000 was able to present the functionalities of its system remotely, reaching customers from anywhere in Brazil. The company also began providing remote technical support and maintenance, making its logistics more sophisticated. The benefits were also passed on to customers, who gave up the entire IT infrastructure, eliminating expenses with backup, storage, server, licensing, technicians and cabling. According to Sandra, Athenas3000 customers were required to make an initial investment of around R$8,000 in the structure, which still required monthly maintenance costs of R$1,000.

“The customer who goes through this experience knows that he will gain in cost-benefit and safety”, he says.

The commercial coordinator's predictions for the future of the new technology are encouraging. Sandra already projects that, in the next two years, half of Athenas3000's customer base will already use the cloud management system. muschellack.