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Migration to the cloud with the possibility of accessing the system of all units from anywhere

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Auto Viação Progresso

About the company

Auto Viação Progresso belongs to the ADT SA Group, specialized in urban, road and cargo transport. The company began its history in 1932 and played a relevant role in the evolution of road transport in Latin America. Currently, it has branches in 11 states in the North and Northeast regions of Brazil.


In 80 years of history in the Brazilian market, Auto Viação Progresso has always had the support of servers to take care of the security of the company's internal information. The big challenge was to organize and discipline access to information, since any employee in the IT area had access to the company's database. In addition, an external backup was missing, which made it difficult to have information available at any time. Another major problem faced by the company was the lack of IT equipment maintenance specialists in its day-to-day activities.

A transport company has the characteristic of not having this type of professional, analyzes Wilton Cardoso, the company's IT manager.


Any small problem with the operation of the machines could be solved by internal employees with IT knowledge, however, the company was obliged to hire a qualified professional whenever it needed to solve more serious problems.

Self Progress Challenge

Auto Progress Solution


To improve this database vulnerability situation, the company decided to migrate its system to the cloud in June 2015 with Sky One's solution. Since then, the whole group has only benefited from the change. In addition to resolving the information security problem, access to technical support became more agile, even on weekends. The company also gained practicality to solve small problems in everyday life.

Once, a table was deleted from the system. We opened a ticket and the material was recovered in a few minutes by the Sky.One team, explains Cardoso.

The company also does not waste any more time with lack of system availability due to a link drop. With the migration to the cloud, the system can now be accessed from anywhere.  

In the old days, if we had problems with our link going down, the whole group would stop. Today, we no longer face this kind of problem.

In addition to these facilities, the company no longer has the costs to invest in servers, improve links and services from professionals specialized in maintenance.


The implementation of Auto.Sky , Sky.One solution is the company's first cloud work experience, with approximately 80 employees of the group having access to the system. In addition to an absolutely fast deployment, IT professionals no longer have to worry about problems with servers, network cards, backups and daily maintenance of the database.

IT's day-to-day is no longer guided by support tasks to solve problems. With the migration, we took our focus off the infrastructure and started to worry more about our main business, says Cardoso.

24/7 support and maintenance from Sky.One experts.

IT more focused on what really matters.

“The day-to-day IT is no longer guided by support tasks to solve problems. With the migration, we took our focus off the infrastructure and started to worry more about our main business”, says Wilton Cardoso, IT manager at the company.”