With Sky.One , I can keep my customers loyal and stay competitive in the market

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About the company

Autumn is one of the national references in fleet management software , innovation, support and customer relationship. The company has been operating in the market for 23 years and, since 1998, has specialized in road, urban, cargo and parcel transport, as well as charter and tourism.

Autumn already has a portfolio of more than 400 customers throughout Brazil and Africa. In order to consolidate itself as one of the leaders in the segment, the company plans to start its activities in other countries in Latin America by 2021.


Autunm is the developer of Integrated Autumn Management Systems (SIGA), a toolbox with all the necessary solutions for its customers. The system is made up of a set of modules that, together, are responsible for all the company's operational work, including database management.

To promote this integration, Autunm used RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). The technology allows several clients to connect to the same server to run their desktops, sharing that server's resources. However, RDP was already an obsolete model with few resources. Customers were required to have a machine with a Windows operating system and a terminal configured for network access. “The network administrator had access to all system data. If we weren't very careful, we would have serious security risks”, explains Alonso Junior, director of development at Autumn.

RDP also required installing software on each machine, making deployment a slow process, lasting up to a week. With the evolutions presented by virtualization technologies and the growing increase in computer performance, Autumn needed an alternative to improve its product portfolio and remain competitive in the market.


In contact with one of its customers, Autumn learned that a new provider of cloud technology was standing out in the market with differentiated solutions. In 2013, the company entered into a partnership with Sky.One to acquire virtualization services and place SIGA in the clouds.

The first benefit observed was the implementation time, which dropped from one week to a maximum of 48 hours. Installing software is also a thing of the past – now, all it takes is for the customer to enter the browser and start working. There are no more operating system limitations. In addition to Windows, it is possible to use Linux and even run on tablets and smartphones.

On Sky.One 's virtualized screen, the user only has access to the content they need, which improves security. Once the structure with a terminal was abolished, customers gained mobility, accessing the functionalities anywhere and at any time.


Some Autumn customers have reported significant IT savings. It was possible to dispense with software licensing costs, technicians, server, terminal and operating system.

According to Alonso Junior, Sky One's infrastructure cost is more uniform in the long run, giving more control over spending. Currently, 5% of Autumn's customer base uses Sky.One 's cloud technology, but Junior projects rapid growth.

“We are talking about a market trend, customers will have more problems with infrastructure and will need these solutions. Our expectation is to triple these numbers in the next four years”, he adds.

For Autumn's development director, what characterizes the partnership with Sky.One is the ability to add value to the company's product portfolio. “With Sky.One , I can keep my customers loyal and remain competitive in the market”, he says.

Significant Savings.

control over expenses

“With Sky.One , I can keep my customers loyal and remain competitive in the market”


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