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Integra.Sky and Axion: customer experience with integration

Increasingly, companies are looking for solutions that help them improve their way of working. At the same time, they don't always have the necessary expertise to turn this into something tangible. This is where Axion comes into play with all its potential. Axion is a customized software development company that has been in the market for almost 4 years, working in the national and international market, as a consultancy that offers companies and partners new technologies so that they can solve their problems related to the area through digital products. Its goal is to be an ally of technology to deliver the best product for every need, solving issues and raising the level of services.


The company's main challenge is to understand the customer's need and transform this pain into a product that fits the demand, while at the same time transforming the user's final result. 

Some customers have a lot of manual work, initially, very big to pass information from one system to the other, and there is a very great possibility of doing this via integration, according to Vinícius Santos, the company's business development.

The quest for low code

About how they arrived at Integra.Sky , Vinícius tells that, from the search for more efficient ways to offer services to the clients, they started to see big researches about IpaaS and low-code and, since then, they have kept the subject in their pipeline to go deeper, as Vinícius says:

We always seek to find solutions that increase the efficiency of our work. Although we provide manpower services related to software development and technology, deep down we want to get things done faster in order to have a better return for our customers.

Furthermore, Axion was already following Sky.One 's path in the development of its platforms, having participated in the initial development of Integra.Sky . With that, he already knew about the possibility of offering this idea of ​​low-code to his customers, however, what made them bet more and more on the low-code platform was the experience in practice. Whenever they planned the development of a new solution, they noticed that, from the outline of the schedule and the main needs, one of the main topics that made its fulfillment more agile, were issues involving integration.

That's how they realized that this was both an internal and external pain, since communication between the parties was necessary in a very constant way, and something that solves this almost natively is the fact that there are low-code modules that are already in the system of each one, just pick it up and connect it to the system being developed and most of the process is solved. 


Before Integra.Sky , the integrations that Axion performed were done manually, developing, copying and pasting the code. This is often a process that starts from scratch, and it is quite laborious, comments Vinícius. One thing they've noticed is that the time it takes to do an integration is three times faster now that they've started using Integra.Sky . The use of the platform makes it possible for different areas of the company to connect and for the data to be accessed by everyone who needs it.


The benefits of Integra.Sky range from designing the architecture of the integration to going live. As in Integra.Sky you already find structured connectors, ready-made modules with programming logic, you can accelerate your development and connect to an ecosystem of applications. This saves a lot of development time. Other than that, the implementation itself, and usability of the product made in drag and drop by dragging and dropping connectors from one side to the other makes the tool intuitive and easy to use. But, above all, the maintenance of these integrations, because if an integration breaks, you have to change the code, and often the person who did the integration is no longer in the company, and there are days and even weeks to fix it. And with Integra.Sky that issue is resolved, it literally manages the integrations and notifies where the error is, it follows up.  

As a real case of improving the processes of a large company, Axion implemented Integra.Sky at Grupo Comporte. The company manually processed and sent a series of information that the city hall needed to carry out the transfers related to municipal transport services carried out monthly. Prior to Integra.Sky , the whole process took about a week. After the project, this is done continuously, daily without rework, without requiring human intervention.

The result is great savings in human and financial resources. According to Vinícius, Integra.Sky fully adheres to systems integration projects, from the most complex to the simplest. The partnership between Axion and Integra.Sky continues to bring more and more technological solutions to those in search of digital evolution.

Finally, Vinicius adds:

At the end of 2022, given the success of the projects and customer satisfaction, AXION decided to increase the focus on communicating about the platform and the benefits brought by Integra.Sky to customers and partners. We believe this will result in strong growth in integration projects to quadruple our demand using Sky.One Solutions' iPaaS platform. Vinícius Santos, Business Development at AXION.