Comporte and Sky.One : integration of sales platforms and Salesforce

The Sky.One and Grupo Comporte project integrated ticket sales platforms with Salesforce's marketing and sales solution.

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About the company 

The Comporte Group is a Brazilian conglomerate formed by road and urban passenger, cargo and tourism transport companies, founded by businessman Nenê Constantino, headquartered in the city of São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo. The group operates in 12 states and the Federal District, serving more than 700 cities, with 7,200 buses , including urban, suburban, charter and intercity buses.


With the acceleration of its organic growth and opportunities for acquisitions of other companies, it was necessary to seek a solution that would allow the integration of systems to optimize the processes of each of the businesses and companies in a consolidated manner, unifying and streamlining the connection and control of Dice.

It was necessary to have a complete view of each company's customer data. Like, for example, road customers in the road service. For this, it became important to unite all the information to enable more assertive and targeted marketing actions and campaigns.

Prior to Integra.Sky , the company did not have centralized control and could not effectively analyze data. All campaigns and actions were based on manually consolidated data from various sources. Due to the volume and complexity, there were no previous attempts to use these data.

According to Fernando Fialho, IT Manager at Comporte, the volume of time spent on manual processes was very high

It was necessary to handle the data manually and upload the information to the CRM platform. Today we have the information updated and integrated daily. An example of this is the customer service process. When the customer gets in touch, the system already identifies him automatically, facilitating the service. Sometimes just a data update is required. Integra.Sky helped streamline the service.

Not having a data integration platform was certainly what prevented the resolution of these problems and the possibility of advancing even faster in Grupo Comporte's digital transformation journey. 

Solution for Comporte

The Comporte Group was looking for a solution that used the concepts of a robust middleware, but that was easy to create and manage the integrations. Knowing this, our partner AXION understood that Integra.Sky was the right iPaaS platform to help solve these business problems. Because, in addition to solving technological problems, it delivers the best cost-benefit ratio.

Integra.Sky was presented and implemented by Axion itself, which also conducted a proof of concept integrating end-to-end ticket sales processes for the highway segment and after-sales service. 

For Vinicius Santos from AXION:

The biggest benefits of Integra.Sky are related to the ease in solving customers' integration problems in all aspects, in an agile way and with a significant reduction of effort. Creating an integration project entirely from scratch is not only very expensive, it is often too complex, not to mention maintenance and bug fixing. As Integra.Sky facilitates this process, our team performs much more, delivers better projects and with a much lower incidence of errors


Grupo Comporte employees wasted a lot of time on manual processes, copying and pasting customer information from one system to another, which also brought unnecessary risks to the business. After integrating systems with Integra.Sky , information is generated, synchronized and updated according to business needs. Processes have become more efficient with positive impacts in several aspects.

An excellent example, to illustrate the impacts, was the integrated marketing campaign that presented Mobifácil to several customers. These were inserted into a communication ruler on the Salesforce cloud marketing platform, without the need for manual entries. But the project did not stop there and is still ongoing, expanding to other areas of the business.

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