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Founded in 2005, Brazil Translations has been operating in the translation market for almost two decades and has around 200 professional native and Brazilian translators to meet translation demands in more than 50 languages. 

Sworn, technical, simultaneous, consecutive translation, subtitling and transcription, the wide range of professional translators who work on demand for the company makes it able to serve different segments and makes it an authority on the subject of translation in Brazil. 

The commercial and financial directors of Brazil Translations, Sergio Rapaci and Adalberto Rangel, spoke with us and told a little about their experience migrating to the cloud with Sky.One and the Auto.Sky platform. 

Read on to learn more about this success story! 


The pandemic was a watershed for Brazil Translations

Like so many other companies, Brazil Translations was taken by surprise by the Coronavirus pandemic in mid-2020 and until then, the company's entire infrastructure, process controls and systems were hosted on local servers. 

However, the social distancing policies put in place to contain the spread of the Coronavirus made the migration plans to the cloud finally get off the ground, and in that scenario, the cloud brought the necessary flexibility to maintain the company's operations with employees. working remotely. 

Through Mega Sistemas, a Brazilian company that develops business management software and is responsible for one of the systems used by Brazil Translations, they arrived at Sky.One Solutions.

The agility in migrating to the Cloud with Sky.One was a surprise

All contact with Sky.One was done through the Brazil Translations IT team and there was a need for agility, so as not to stop internal processes and continue with the company's operations. 

“In general, we can say that it was very satisfactory, because the process was very quick, we were told that from Monday the office would be “out”! So it was very dynamic and fast and of course, having the support of Sky.One and Mega along with our IT was essential. It was a very short notice, we were surprised. It was a subject we were already evaluating, but with the pandemic we understood that it was the best time! ”

– Sergio Rapaci, Commercial Director at Brazil Translations.

Sergio Rapaci told us that afterwards there was a period of adaptations and adjustments, but that they had no problems carrying out activities at that time, and today the cloud is already part of the office routine.

In fact, a project that started with a strong focus on making activities more flexible and the possibility of remote work ended up bringing several other benefits.

Auto.Sky brought benefits that go far beyond making the workspace more flexible

Evidently, the migration to the cloud impacted all areas of Brazil Translations, and made it possible for the areas to exchange information more quickly, in addition, of course, to the option of maintaining operations remotely. 

But, there was also a big impact for their customers. With the LGPD in force and as service providers, some customers demand that the company respond to audit reports and ensure that their processes are treated with extreme security.  

Today, the system in which all operations and information exchange take place is hosted in the cloud, and Brazil Translations is able to guarantee its prevention measures against cyber attacks and leakage of confidential data thanks to this infrastructure.

The investment made for the migration project, taking into account licenses, security software and other resources, was very worthwhile in view of the gains in efficiency, security and flexibility achieved. 

“The flexibility that the cloud has brought has allowed us to optimize customer service deadlines, and this totally impacts our sales” 

– Adalberto Rangel – Finance Director at Brazil Translations

The prospects going forward

The pandemic is over and even so, the Home Office is the model adopted by about 20% of employees at Brazil Translations and the company sees this as a benefit. Some employees adapted better to this model and this impacts their productivity and consequently the efficiency of the company.  

Today, Brazil Translations sees the cloud as an opportunity to grow without worrying about the scalability of a physical structure, in addition to technology proving to be an open door to its digital evolution, facilitating the integration of systems, for example.

“For the provision of services we are very happy with the work that Sky.One made available to us”  

– Sergio Rapaci- Commercial Director at Brazil Translations


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