Fintech CashU integrates different ERP's with Integra.Sky

The Integra.Sky project with Cashu made the integration of the clients' ERPs seeking to streamline the credit analysis processes. The first integrated ERP was Protheus and the result was obtained quickly and jointly between the Sky.One team and Cashu.

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About the company

Cashu financial solution that seeks to evolve B2B credit in Brazil by releasing credit from B2B marketplaces, distributors and industries throughout Brazil. With this, they offer more transparency and democratize access to credit for SMEs. Its main objective is to carry out credit analysis for small and medium-sized companies.

Integration Challenges

Cashu's Business Core consists of doing credit analysis for small and medium-sized companies. And, in order to make this easier for the public, they establish partnerships with large suppliers that seek to provide credit for companies in different segments. With the increase in demand and more and more suppliers and customers looking to Cashu, they realized the need to integrate systems to streamline their work. As João Torquato, CTO of CashU, comments:

We understand that these vendors had several different ERPs in the market and we didn't have the knowledge to do the integration from scratch.

It was necessary to have a very technical and advanced knowledge to carry out the integrations with the different ERPs, which generate a high cost and demand a lot of time from the internal team of developers. For these reasons, they realized that an iPaaS (integration as a service) platform would be a great fit to solve the problem. That's how they arrived at Integra.Sky .


The main objective was to speed up the integration process and keep the cost as low as possible. CashU was already Sky.One's partner in the Sky.One Sky.Simple , a platform that uses Integra.Sky to connect to the main ERPs in the wholesale and supermarket segment to help reconcile bills and offer credit.  

As we already knew Sky.One we sought to understand the different products they had. And so we arrived at Integra.Sky which was exactly what we were looking for at that moment to remedy our pain, according to João Torquato, CTO of CashU

Together, CashU and planned to make the main database connectors of ERPs available on the platform. Allied to this, they created other facilitators such as the development of CashU API connectors and tools such as SFTP. Integra.Sky support and the Cashu team's own employees were used, without the need for third parties to use the platform due to its ease.

Integration Results

The result was the saving of hours in the implementation and, by using a high-level platform, they were able to abstract many steps in the process and quickly develop the integrations more quickly. 

We shrink from months to days. For most of the integrations, we went from 120 days to 21 days for the customer onboarding process. Our overall gain was the Integra.Sky and the evolution of internal processes, comments João Torquato, CTO at CashU

Among the main benefits, they highlight the fact that they did not need to delve into technical knowledge to carry out the integrations, bringing agility and ease throughout the process and on a day-to-day basis. Another main point was

Creating the pre-packaged connector for CashU was also a super benefit, as we took full advantage of the Low-code advantages that Sky.One's Sky.One offers.

Today there are already more than 5 customers deployed and Cashu intends to increase that number fivefold in the coming months, and take at least half of the customers for integration through Integra.Sky .