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Combustran Group

About the company

With nearly 50 years in the market, Combustran is one of the largest groups in Brazil in the segment of trade and resale of diesel oil and fuel, with a strong focus on São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. In addition, the company, which is a reference, has been diversifying its activities for some time, acquiring new companies and expanding its portfolio, working in the area of ​​lubricants and other segments of the fuel segment.

Challenges with the ERP

At the beginning, the company did not have its processes structured, however, with the changes that came, they identified this need and adhered to the use of management software and used a cloud service. 

However, in order to be even more inserted in the technological environment and be able to take advantage of better systems, in addition to better visualizing their strategies and data, the company decided to adopt the Praxio ERP. 

In addition, they had a major challenge with their old cloud service, which was not offering a satisfactory product that matched the company's needs, causing the opening of tickets, lack of availability and headaches for the technical team. 

When migrating to a new ERP , which was more in line with the company's moment, the cloud change came along with it. With that came a fear of having a new cloud with the same problems as the old one, but they accepted


When looking for more technological evolution for their ERP, they ended up facing a cloud that helped with the systems and did not create obstacles for the work and the progress of the processes. With that, they saw that Auto.Sky was a tool that complemented their ERP needs very well and made the systems always available, wherever they were.  

In order to have the ERP always available, it was combined with Auto.Sky and the developed environment was very satisfactory and safe. Being a prominent point in the solution for not having any problems, neither during nor after the migration.

Basically we had no problems with the Sky.One cloud. We had a lot of problems on the old network. This part of Sky.One with Praxio made for a super secure environment and the migration was super smooth and transparent.  

The need was for an environment that could hold your specific data and leave everything organized so that the ERP could keep working, regardless of time or place of use. Furthermore, it was quite  


The result was the best possible for the company and its needs at that time. The ERP migration came to organize flows and, together with it, the Auto.Sky cloud solution formed the ideal combination for the company to continue its evolution towards digital.

We had your support at all times we needed it. Support has always been very satisfactory.

The company can use its ERP with its secure data in the cloud, always available and ready to use.

Your ERP in the cloud!