Sky.One simplified the structure, without loss of performance of our software

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About the company

Consinco, developer of management software for supermarket, self-service and distributor networks, has been in the market for 25 years. It is a leader in these segments, with a 35% market share among the largest chains in the country.

With operations in 25 states and revenue of R$ 50 million in 2015, Consinco serves 180 business groups, with its systems running in 2 thousand establishments throughout Brazil.


As prevails in ERP companies in the country, Consinco developed its system based on client-server technology. This processing model allows interconnecting all computers in a company through a data server access protocol.

Under this model, an employee can only access his company's program if the software is installed on his workstation. To allow its customers to have the option of operating 100% on the web, that is, from anywhere in the world, without the need for a program to be installed on their computer, Consinco started looking for cloud partners.

Several companies knocked on his door. However, all offered conventional solutions, which represented additional costs for the implementation of an auxiliary structure for accessing the cloud. “We've always seen these solutions with a certain restriction, because they solve part of the problem, not the whole”, says Silvio Souza, commercial director.


From the moment it identified Sky.One 's innovative solution, Consinco automatically discarded all other possibilities. “We carried out practical experiments to check whether our systems could lose performance or risk crashing”, says Silvio Sousa.

Without the additional costs of solutions offered by competitors and a system that does not need auxiliary infrastructure, Consinco entered into a partnership with Sky.One in September 2015. “Customers can rest assured. The cloud is a remote structure, and Sky.One has simplified this structure even more, without loss of performance in our software”, he evaluates.


Today, Consinco offers a solution that provides cloud services according to the needs of customers, who can forego investments in their own servers for a shared structure of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Another advantage is offering customers the possibility of planning growth, whether temporary or for the medium and long term, without worrying about depending on bureaucracy to expand data storage space or, on the other hand, paying dearly for server idleness. In up to five years, estimates Silvio Souza, at least 30% of Consinco customers will have their software allocated on AWS.

“In up to five years, estimates Silvio Souza, at least 30% of Consinco customers will have their software allocated on AWS.”