Migration of more than 2,000 accounting offices to the cloud

Discover the successful case of the Sky.One and Contmatic partnership.

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1. About the company

Founded in 1987, Contmatic develops accounting, administrative and management (ERP) , having 30,000 companies as clients, including 15,000 accounting offices.

Its solutions provide advanced results in the Accounting, Tax and Labor areas, which places the company among the five largest software development companies in Brazil .

2. Challenges

With the arrival of the pandemic, the search for the cloud began at an accelerated pace in accounting service companies. 

This need arose because of several challenges that these organizations had to face :

  • they had to leave their machines turned on, since they had an on-premise structure;
  • they were completely open to the world, exposing their data;
  • were victims of data kidnapping, with hackers installing ransomware .

As they didn't have the custom and vision focused on the cloud, the initial alternative was the creation of remote access to the servers. 

Reflection of this was a great loss, since many lost data, had to restore backup and some did not even have that backup to restore.

It was a pandemic within a pandemic for accounting services companies ”, says Adriano Santos, Commercial Director at Contmatic .

Companies needed to go through this moment with their operation running, even with each employee in their own home.

With the motto Breakthrough to innovate , the company sought Sky.One to provide a layer of solutions in the cloud, a fundamental technology to overcome all these challenges.

3. Solution

In March 2020, already with the support of Sky.One , Contmatic started offering the possibility of using the company's solutions in the cloud.

At that time, many customers were using other tools for remote access to their machines. When they started using the cloud offer, they realized that to gain flexibility and solve the home office issue, the cloud had fit like a glove” , says Adriano.

As a solution, the company developed a team focused on implementations.

With the completion of this step, it was noticeable that those who were not Contmatic customers already opted for solutions directly in the cloud, not even considering the previous offer, on desktop.  

This brought a significant gain first to customer loyalty. Many also tried to look for competitors' cloud offers, but as we were able to have this offer right at the beginning of the pandemic, in a very great effort by Sky.One together with the Contmatic technical team, it was possible to offer it quickly, in a weekend, leaving everything ready for the customers ”, says Adriano.

In the accounting area, Contmatic managed to serve more than 3000 users (20% of the segment's customer base), who are extremely satisfied with the cloud service.

4. Results

Implementation speed

With the new service offer, a Contmatic customer who is going to migrate to the cloud takes just 24 hours .

That is, he sleeps using local operation and wakes up already in the cloud.

This makes customers first like the solution and, second, feel enormous satisfaction for being able to turn the key so quickly ”, says Adriano.

99.5% customer satisfaction

Satisfaction was practically 100%. In fact, when we decided to offer this solution to customers at the beginning of the pandemic, the result came with high satisfaction. Today we have 0.5% dissatisfaction. Out of more than 3000 users, we had only 5 cancellations due to lack of adaptation ”, says Adriano.

As a result, the cloud offer grew by around 25% compared to 2020 .

There is also a gradual increase in customers migrating from on-premise to the cloud.

Cross selling rate growth

With the cloud offer, the Contmatic customer who had been paying a specific amount now also pays for the addition related to the cloud service . Thus, it manages to have flexibility and use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So he pays more to be able to have this offer available and that significantly increased our cross selling ”, confirms Adriano.

Successful work even at home office

The pandemic forced the migration of work to the home office and the cloud offer provided everything accounting offices needed.

Companies continued to work 24/7, as they began to better scale their employees' work schedules. This helped to work at different hours, which means that the offer for our clients, as they are accounting services companies, worked out very well ”, informs Adriano.

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