CCTEC and Sky.One partnership: migrating on-premises structure to Google's cloud

Discover the CCTEC and Sky.One partnership! The challenges were overcome with the support of Sky.One , which is a certified Google Cloud partner.

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About the company

CCTEC is a consultancy specializing in IT solutions for notary offices and was created with the objective of guaranteeing its clients greater security, performance and continuity of services. 

Its main focus is to enable a more efficient and connected performance for notary offices throughout Brazil , reconciling compliance with the legislation imposed by the Corregedoria Nacional de Justiça (CNJ) to the segment with the use of modern solutions that guarantee the digital transformation of these businesses.

Fabio Belarmino is CEO/FOUNDER CCTEC and in this case he shared the challenges he needed to overcome and what motivated the partnership with Sky.One . 


One of CCTEC's main challenges as an IT consultancy specialized in the registry office segment was to guarantee its clients a more efficient and secure management of data , so that they would have greater connectivity without compromising the security of this information.

Having been created for the research, development and innovation (R, D&I) of technologies applied to the real estate business of the 3,562 Real Estate Registry Offices in Brazil, in order to improve the country's business environment through the use of new tools and taking advantage of the innovation as an engine of prosperity, another determining factor for this CCTEC client was the need for integration between different states .

In addition, the CEO highlights the risk of not having an automated backup, since any leak or loss of data would represent a very high financial loss to the notaries involved.



After analyzing other options available on the market, CCTEC opted for a partnership with Sky.One , which guaranteed full compliance with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) and the requirements established by the CNJ.

One of its customers migrated to Google's cloud, thus ensuring the continuity of its business, as well as compliance with good cybersecurity practices, high performance and cost reduction. 

Today, Sky.One is a Google Certified Partner and we are committed to our customers to provide full cloud infrastructure, management and migration expertise.



As a result, CCTEC's customers benefited from robust protection against cyber attacks, as they now have all the advantages of being in the cloud, with daily backups and continuous monitoring by a team specialized in the cloud. 

In addition, it was possible to reduce costs with the acquisition and maintenance of infrastructure, also optimizing the flow of information and gaining agility on a daily basis. 

Sky.One offers unlimited partner support via web or telephone work orders for infrastructure related issues. 

Our coverage model is 24/7 and ensures that the technical support team responds to incidents according to their critical level and SLAs.

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