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Elis is a leading group in Europe and Brazil that has more than 130 years of experience in textile management and hygiene services , such as layettes, uniforms, aprons, PPE, as well as industrial carpets, MOPS, sterilization, among other services.

In the country since 2012, the company operates in the hospital, hotel, industrial, commerce and services segments, has more than 10,000 employees who guarantee service excellence to more than 5,000 customers and sanitizes around 882,000 tons of textiles in 21 Brazilian states, 24 hours a day.

Cloud solution: no more system instability 

In order to offer a complete solution to its customers, Elis Brasil has always sought to improve its logistics operations. To this end, the company also develops software that operates within its laundry plants and its customers' companies. But, on premise infrastructure did not have the necessary availability to meet the high volumes and productions.

According to Elisângela Gomes, Software Technology and Development Manager, the traceability process to deliver solutions according to the clients' schedule needs to be impeccable, which does not combine with instabilities. 

Spending 4 hours with the software stopped impacted the productive system in up to 1 week. The lack of access prevented identifying which materials would be delivered and the location of each delivery, for example. Impacting planning and causing a feeling of insecurity for employees and customers. There was a constant concern with the security of information, which involves not only its operations, but also those of its customers.

Auto.Sky and its scalable infrastructure to handle complex processes

The partnership with Sky.One began when the company decided to solve once and for all the challenges it had and realized that migrating to the cloud was the best solution. A scalable infrastructure without constant downtime was what the company needed to meet its expansion projects, putting an end to the problems generated by system interruptions.

After a period and due to internal strategic cost-cutting issues, the company chose to evaluate other platforms on the market.

Due to the partnership we had with Sky.One and with the commercial people who accompanied us at the time and who still give us feedback today, we left very well and very calm, we had a friendly roll-out, they helped us in the exit process and we left open doors – Elisângela Gomes – Technology and Software .

The decision, however, ended up affecting the group's operations again. The growing number of attacks suffered from Ransomware put the company's data and operations at risk. After almost 2 years, the decision was made to return to Auto.Sky Sky.One 's cloud migration platform .

As a first step, a complete mapping was carried out to understand how Elis Brasil's most recent structure was doing. This was a highly detailed process, as the biggest concern was downtime and the impacts the migration could have on company resources.

After structuring and preparation, the entire migration of the Elis environment was done quickly to Auto.Sky and, after implementation, the process continued with frequent careful evaluations and small adjustments to the machines due to sizing.

It was a time when we needed much more partnership and less bureaucracy and that's what we got. – Elisângela Gomes – Technology and Software .

Auto.Sky and Elis Brasil: aiming to expand their operations

Today, Elis Brasil feels comfortable putting other expansion projects into practice. All the problems that previously existed due to security have been resolved with Sky.One . Auto.Sky Auto.Sky the company the security that, even when obstacles arise, it is possible to have contingency plans and backups.

In addition to saving resources resulting from greater security, there was the possibility of optimizing human resources, with a smarter internal team , as Sky.One offers all the cloud support. According to Elisângela, today her team has a coordinator and a security specialist, and both calmly manage the environment.

Today, many new things that the company is implementing, Sky.One manages to absorb very calmly. Elisângela Gomes – Technology and Software .

Elis Brasil's next steps involve the expansion of LATAM operations to Chile and Colombia. All of this expansion will be sustained and supported by Sky.One who are undoubtedly very proud to be part of this partnership.

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