Integra.Sky is chosen to integrate the EUNERD ecosystem

Integra.Sky and EUNERD signed a partnership seeking to solve the integration challenges of the company and its customers with low-code iPaaS.

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EUNERD emerged in 2014 as a marketplace to connect IT technicians with individuals, the demand became evident when the company detected that a large part of its target audience had difficulties with technology and could not find qualified people to provide this type of technical assistance. With the growth of the business, the company underwent a round of investments, aiming to expand its service beyond B2C, reaching B2B, reaching large and medium-sized companies. When noticing that many companies, mainly in the retail sector, found great difficulties in keeping the support operations running, with numerous teams, and very expensive due to the high costs related to the support technicians' labor and also with displacement and trips between stores.

With this demand mapped, EUNERD created the GUIO platform, a white label field services management software that connects IT technicians with large companies, forming a large technology-mediated marketplace where customers can manage their field operations. IT more easily and merge employees with outsourced services in a quick and practical way, as a result of which its customers achieved an average reduction of 40% in costs related to these operations. 

Today, there are more than 28,000 technicians registered on the GUIO platform, present in more than 1,500 cities in Brazil, serving clients such as: Positivo Tecnologia, Panasonic, Tok & Stok and Syngenta.


Bringing more and more possibilities and solutions to companies looking for more technological advances and speed in their processes, Integra.Sky , iPaaS platform from Sky.One Solutions, a company specialized in the development of technological platforms that collaborate for the digital evolution of companies, has just signed a strategic partnership with EUNERD, a technology and IT infrastructure and support services company. The objective is to solve the systems integration challenges of EUNERD and its customers through the use of the low-code platform.

With accelerated growth and more and more large companies in the portfolio, EUNERD detected the need for an iPaaS platform to manage and integrate them. Daniel Tutida – Co-Founder & CEO says that

With the arrival of medium and large companies, we realized that we were dealing with different support and help desk software and we needed to adapt to offer a better experience to our customers. We understand that, to solve these problems, data integration was the right option, many of the customers use systems such as: SAP, Sales Force, TOTVS and the idea here is to have Integra.Sky to carry out and manage these integrations, in a timely manner and quickly solving the customer's problem without changing internal processes.

EUNERD got to know integra.Sky through the Bossa Nova Summit 2022 event.

We participated in the Bossa Nova event in March of this year, where we were looking for new technologies, it was then that we Integra.Sky , after a quick DEMO held at Sky.One , we understood that iPaaS was the ideal platform for run the integrations between our tool, the GUIO and the other market systems that our customers use. We realized that using Sky.One's Sky.One we would have many gains, such as increased productivity, reduced complexity, due to the use of a low-code platform and the optimization of processes as a whole, in addition to offering a better experience to our customers , points out Daniel Tutida – Co-Founder & CEO

Today, EUNERD has around 150 active customers using the GUIO platform in their day-to-day operations, the objective of the partnership with Integra.Sky is to expand the business and allow all current and future customers to use the platform without friction and have functional integrations built into the GUIO. Daniel Tutida – Co-Founder & CEO highlights the gains from hiring the platform:

The gains that we will have with iPaaS , firstly, the growth of our recurring revenue, we will also be able to serve a larger share of the addressable market and reach customers that we could not serve before due to lack of integration. We will be able to verify a significant increase in the NPS as a result of the improvement of our SLA and also in the reduction of costs with the time gain of our internal team in the development of the new integrations, in addition to the simplification and monitoring of all the integrations and finally the considerable improvement in the customer experience .

The plans for the future are very audacious, Daniel explains that the company is undergoing an important round of investment and that a good part of these resources will be applied in improving the GUIO platform, onboarding new customers and in new systems integrations that will accelerate the transformation of the business as a whole.