Fertilizer plant: availability with Auto.Sky
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About the company

The Fertilizer Center started its work in 2010, with one main objective: to impact the agro market in the São Francisco Valley region, providing high quality fertilizers and products.

With that in mind, over the years it has been developing its work and its product portfolio. The result was that the company grew and became a name always remembered by producers and the market in the states of Pernambuco and Bahia when it comes to the field.  

Currently, the Fertilizer Center is a reference, being the largest distributor of agricultural products in the Northeast region. With more than 450 employees and a product mix that fully serves producers in several states in the Northeast: Pernambuco, Bahia, Sergipe and Piauí. In addition, the company prides itself on understanding the needs of each customer, in order to serve them in the best way, offering all the technical support, in addition to having an excellent distribution strategy, combined with competitive prices and payment conditions, which are its great differentials.  

In addition, the Fertilizer Center has a bold expansion project, which will allow the company to be present in more cities in the Northeast. Always seeking to offer the best products and services to its customers.


The company's growth brought them more possibilities and more customers. Therefore, its counter became even busier, something very positive for the company! With that, the Fertilizer Center realized that it needed to centralize and leave the systems of all its stores always available and in the same place that was easily accessible to those who needed it.  

As Aurélio Cavalcante, the company's president, explains: Basically what runs here is agriculture, so we work with fertilizer, seeds, pesticides and irrigation material. Today we have a very busy branch and it demands a lot from our work platform, from our service platform

Initially, they had a challenge, which was to keep all their infrastructure working at all times, which was not always possible and greatly hindered the progress of the work. In addition, they needed space and a specific IT team to maintain their entire physical system, which demanded even more time and expenses with different physical parts and the need to always be attentive to the continuous operation of the device, which always happened, as Carlos Melo, IT manager told us:

I had to have an application server, a bank server and a person maintaining that server. With the move to the cloud what happened, we had 100% of the information online.  

We chose Sky.One because they have a very strong partnership with Siagri and we get a lot out of it, it really is 24/7. We had an issue and I needed to call at 11pm and there was always someone available.

Also, the head office controlled the branches, so if something happened to one system, everyone else stopped. Maintaining this structure and, moreover, being able to make all the data available was a great challenge, especially with the high volume that the company has. In many moments, they went through obstacles to keep everything in full operation, even being offline for a few days, which could cause a lot of damage.  

All our control, from stock, sale, issue of invoice, stock control, invoicing. Everything, the system does all the control of our company.

If there was a power outage at the head office, we stopped all the other branches, because the system was centralized in the head office, it messed up all our information, we had to stop everything to correct this error, this error recurred on a daily basis.

Being without access and not knowing when they would have the system restored, caused great inconvenience, in addition to disorganization and loss. 

We've already spent two or three days with it stuck waiting for our system to change or change something so that we could resolve to update and do it, until that happened it would be a loss for us. So we started a contact with Sky.One . Before when it crashes, let's say the matrix where the server was crashes, everything crashes! Everyone was stuck in a branch that lacked power, for example, and others had power, but didn't have the product. That problem is over

Solution with Auto.Sky

After going through many problems with a server crash and also looking for new solutions that would make its system always available and ready for expansion, the company arrived at Auto.Sky . In addition, the Fertilizer Center needed to maintain the organization and integration of data from its branches and headquarters all in a single location. And, the cloud is ideal for that.

With Auto.Sky , they were able to reduce their on-premises infrastructure costs, modernize their business and keep their data always up-to-date and ready to use no matter where they are. In addition, with their expansion project, they can have as many branches as they want, in several cities in the northeast – and in Brazil – without having to worry about a specific IT team and local servers, we can expand their capacity via auto-scaling.  


The results couldn't be better! The company can be unconcerned with the server down issue, streamlining the demands, in addition to the synchronicity of the data, always available on time for everyone.  

We were delighted with the performance, even at up to 3g. 100% solved the timing problem. Carlos Melo. IT Manager. fertilizer center


Even with a certain initial fear of betting on a new technology, the cloud surprised and brought very satisfactory results, surprising in its speed and dynamism.

Aurélio Cavalcante, president of Central de Adubos is proof that knowing and investing in technologies to make your company's work better and faster is the best decision.

I was even hesitant at first, because when he presented Sky.One , I said no, there's no way I can work with the cloud, if I'm working close to Juazeiro, Petrolina is already slow, imagine where I'm going to work in the cloud in others. That's when our surprise came, the structure and platform are very light. The network is down, it uses the cell phone network, so we are hardly left in the lurch.

In addition, equipment costs are reduced and operationalization with a specific IT team for maintenance is also reduced. Enabling the company to focus on its results, without worrying about technical issues, because with the cloud, the Sky.One team takes care of the entire infrastructure.