Success Testimonial: Hemocord

A successful testimonial from our partner with Sky.One

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Hemocord is the first Umbilical Cord Blood Bank with a cryopreservation laboratory in the south of the country and the only one in Rio Grande do Sul. Now, it has also become one of the main Cell Therapy centers in Brazil. It's been more than 15 years bringing quality of life and advances to families all over Brazil.


Hemocord Biotecnologia, as it is a company in the health area, has always been concerned with the issue of information security both because of the natural issue linked to the value of a database for the company, and because of the issue of the legislation to which they are subject, so they already had a database structure and applications in the cloud.

The main issues they had with the old vendor were the tied costs and the support issue. After contracting the service, the amounts charged were never the same, there were surpluses that had no plausible explanations, not to mention the delay or even lack of service.

This scenario left them insecure about the fulfillment of what they had agreed in the contract, that is, if the backup issues were really happening as scheduled, given what happened with the financial issue.




They were already in the cloud, but in a dubious structure. After a more detailed study, they realized that the proposal sold did not support their structure and therefore, every month they paid excess amounts, that is, to close the contract within a commercially advantageous value, a proposal was presented with a defined structure for a usage profile which in reality would not support the structure and consequently would always have surplus amounts on their invoice. Not to mention that this structural form greatly compromised the performance of the applications, bringing even more operational losses to the company. As the company does not have a specific IT area, they could not identify this situation at the time of hiring.

After this identified scenario, they were surprised by yet another problem with the supplier. They were ending the service profile they had contracted and consequently would be forced to migrate to the new format stipulated by them, which in addition to having a whole migration disorder involved, still needed a large investment on the part of the company to adapt to this new format.

Luckily, one of their application providers was already working as a Sky.One partner and from the moment they became aware of the situation, the conversations evolved and in October 2020 their structure migrated.


The results of this action are countless: security, credibility, agility, performance, costs correctly dimensioned and charged according to the need. Not to mention the whole issue of not having to worry about the physical structure, making sure that Sky.One has the most modern technology and data security.

The performance of the environment was much better and the ease of access outside the company's physical structure greatly simplified the conduct of the operation in the most critical moments of the pandemic when it was necessary to migrate part of the structure to a home office.

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