Instabuy: integration of different ERPs with Integra.Sky

Instabuy is now able to integrate ERPs from different regions of Brazil easily and quickly. With Integra.Sky , your main problem has been solved. Know how!

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About the company

Instabuy a startup from Brasilia that was born to facilitate the sales and delivery process of products from the most varied types of commercial establishments. As of 2017, it began to position itself as an e-commerce platform, using the SaaS (Software as a Services) to insert retailers from the physical world into the online one. And, it was looking for an integration solution that she came Sky.One .

Its main focus is to offer convenience at the time of purchase, working directly through the user's application in person, with search for products and various filters. For merchants, just register your company and then the products that will be offered in the e-commerce. In addition, it seeks to provide opportunities for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs seeking to enter the virtual environment , contributing to local entrepreneurship. Companies from any city in Brazil can use Instabuy in their daily operations.

Lucas Camargo Marques, founder and CEO of the startup, shared in this case the challenges he needed to overcome and what motivated him to look for Integra.Sky as an iPaaS solution and to establish a partnership with Sky.One . Keep reading!


Instabuy's scenario was challenging, as each client of the startup uses a different ERP system, this point varies a lot according to the region of Brazil, since its software is sold in the national territory. Therefore, an agnostic integration platform capable of supporting all possible scenarios is required. Therefore, the main objective was to enable the integration of the Instabuy platform and any ERP that is needed in an uncomplicated and easily replicable way.

In attempts to integrate Instabuy with other systems using traditional methods, the system was very unstable and also took a lot of time for the startup's development team, not to mention constant communication failures and the difficulty of tracking and fixing the errors inherent in the methods. traditional systems integration.

To start the partnership, the Integra.Sky integration architecture and implementation team together with the Instabuy team chose the integration with VR Sistemas' ERP and the ERP and Hipcom as part of the pilot project. 



Looking for a solution that is more adherent to its various integration scenarios, easy to use and capable of monitoring hundreds of integrations with a few clicks and with a specialist integration team, Instabuy opted for the Integra.Sky platform Integra.Sky Sky.One Sky.One .

Instabuy found in Integra.Sky a One Stop Shop partner for system integrations. At the same time specialist in super complex scenarios and a super simple platform to use and maintain.

The integrations were designed with the support of our Integra.Sky services team, developing an exclusive connector for Instabuy that uses the startup API and another connector for Hipcom and one for VR. In addition to the connectors, knowledge encapsulated in tooling modules and the ETL process embedded in the platform were also used.   



Instabuy was looking for agility, ease, availability, replicability and stable communication, and with the partnership between the startup and Sky.One Solutions, it achieved the expected results. The benefits are clear: modernization and stability of the integrations, considerable reduction in the number of failures and execution of the flows, increase in the speed and agility of the implantations and a great saving in the cost of each integration that, in the average, was between R$ 1.5K and BRL 3k in each integration.

“ Integra.Sky was implemented because we needed to quickly deliver an integration with a specific ERP to run the e-commerce platform of a client of ours, and through Integra.Sky we were able to do the integration easily and quickly”. 

With this partnership, Instabuy opens up to infinite possibilities for integrating your application. Increasing its potential market to thousands of commercial establishments that use market management systems and have not yet implemented an e-commerce channel. Everything faster and safer with the help of Integra.Sky .

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