Coruripe Power Plant
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The Coruripe Plant

Starting with the union of several mills in the municipality of Coruripe, in Alagoas, today Usina Coruripe is a reference in the agricultural segment. Founded in 1925 and since 1941 controlled by the Tércio Wanderley group, the many years and heavy investments make the company the largest in the sugar-energy sector in the country, with 8 industrial units and around 10,000 employees.

Bruno Fontoura and Reginaldo Junior, both Systems Development Analysts and responsible for the digital evolution of Usina Coruripe, spoke with us to talk about their experiences with systems integration before and after the adoption of Integra.Sky . See everything they shared with us!

Manual integrations were unfeasible with the high demand and digital evolution in the company

In a scenario of strong development and digital evolution, data cannot be left aside. In the case of Usina Coruripe, there was even greater urgency with regard to the consumption of data generated in environments outside the company. Employees often work in rural areas and the integration of this data with the company's systems was one of the major difficulties faced.

In addition, with the recent investment in mobile solutions and lines of use of Chatbots for WhatsApp and Teams, even more with the high demand, the team needed to resort to manual integrations, with the sending and consultation of requests made through APIs.

Bruno and Reginaldo emphasize how time consuming was the process of integration, monitoring and manual updates by APIs, using programming language. 

Integra.Sky : The simplicity of an iPaaS solution

Sky.One Solutions' iPaaS solution reached Usina Coruripe's team through an email communication and there was an immediate interest in learning more about the platform. In our conversation, Bruno Fontoura says that when he saw that Sky.One was able to demonstrate how the platform would behave in the Usina Coruripe environment, he felt a lot of confidence.  

What the company was looking for with Integra.Sky was mainly agility in internal integration processes, eliminating manual processes and optimizing the monitoring of its integrations. Right at the beginning of the implementation, professionals highlight the ease of adapting to the platform.  

“We had with the Integra.Sky team a few hours of consulting and training, but honestly, we didn't need it” 


Bruno Fontoura, Systems Development Analyst at Usina Coruripe.

The easy and intuitive use meant that, very quickly, both could enter the necessary documentation, create the flows and use the platform autonomously.

The agility that Usina Coruripe needed to integrate its systems

If agility was what Bruno and Reginaldo were looking for in their integration processes, the goal was achieved! Today, among all the systems used at Usina Coruripe – including Senior, SAP ECC and Gatec – about 60% of them have at least one integration running on Integra.Sky .  

There was efficiency gain in the integration process, in monitoring updates and in solving problems with integration failures. Previously, when there was an error in the API, the team could take about 30 days to identify where the error was. Today, on the other hand, in 1 or 2 days it is possible to identify the error and solve the problem.

“In a matter of 2 or 3 minutes, we can expose an API, use it within a system and see it working.”


Bruno Fontoura, Systems Development Analyst at Usina Coruripe.

Sky.One Solutions' iPaaS has become a great ally for Usina Coruripe's digital evolution and for the future, the team sees the use of other platform modules within its processes, making it the company's corporate tool and integration standard , regardless of hosting and destination.

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