Izzo Musical

Izzo Musical, a traditional company in the Brazilian musical instrument market

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Izzo Musical

About the company

Izzo Musical, a traditional company in the Brazilian market of musical instruments that has more than 100 years of history. Currently, it produces, imports and exports to more than 30 countries.


Izzo Musical has undergone a notable modernization of its infrastructure in search of a digital transformation in order to meet growth projections.

In 2015, Izzo Musical implemented SAP Business One to manage its entire value chain: production, import and export.

More recently, they began to integrate other tools into SAP, one of them being the BI tool to perform data analysis and help in decision-making for the company's strategic planning.

His challenge now was how to ensure an infrastructure for his tools to perform optimally.


Together with the SAP partner that carried out its implementation, it discovered Sky.One 's cloud systems migration and support services, then carried out its migration in early 2020.


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