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About the company

Khan operates in the business management system sector, focusing on increasing profitability – in addition to the system that generates the information, the company has intelligence that informs how to reduce costs.

Khan serves very different segments, from football clubs, to slaughterhouses, chemical industries and religious institutions. With 25 years of history in the Brazilian market, today it serves 140 business groups, totaling 500 CNPJs. Headquartered in São Paulo, it operates nationwide.


Khan gained space in the market sustained, above all, by the system of indication of customers, satisfied with the integrity of its reputation and quality in the provision of services. Over the past two years, in a more offensive move in terms of its commercial posture to attract new customers, the company has improved its corporate governance standards.

Since the end of 2015, Khan has been a private limited company (SA). Its objective: to advance in the market through the acquisition of companies, so that, in up to two years, it has a significant size to go public, with shares listed on the stock exchange. To face the challenges of this new phase, Khan realized the urgency of updating its products, services and platforms to more advanced technology in relation to the old supplier's proposal.


Since it closed the partnership with Sky.One , in 2015, Khan has offered faster and more robust technology compared to the former competitor, with products in the standard demanded by the market.

The cloud solution allows access, from anywhere, to carry out any activity.

“The customer saves time because he can place orders and authorize sales without having to be at the terminal where the server is installed” , says executive Carlos Comitre, president of Khan.

Now, there is great synergy between the companies in customer service, as well as flexibility and promptness in solving problems.

“Both on Khan and Sky.One , the customer has access to all areas easily. Like us, Sky.One does not treat the product, it treats the solution”, he says.

For Comitre, Sky.One added value to Khan's product and added an extra dose of confidence and security for customers.

“We were able to add value, as we started to offer a better and more up-to-date product, which is now also in the cloud. Having the management system in the cloud is like paying the bank via a cell phone application, that is, it optimizes time, reduces travel time, is fast and accessible: you only need a device that fits in your pocket”, he evaluates.


Currently, all deals closed by the Khan client include the cloud service. 15 years ago, when Khan started offering the solution, only 1% of customers accepted the offer.

Today, 25% of its 140 business groups already have the technology in operation. Its marketing and commercial team is working to raise this percentage to 70% in the coming years.

Despite the downturn in the Brazilian economy, Khan recorded real revenue growth of 27% in 2015 – while its direct competitors recorded a 3% retraction in the same period.

“The customer saves time because he can place orders and authorize sales without having to be at the terminal where the server is installed, says executive Carlos Comitre, president of Khan.”