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Lamark Santos, CEO of Lamark Contabilidade, tells what motivated him to migrate his accounting management system to the cloud.

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Lamark Accounting

Discover the successful case of the partnership Sky.One and Lamark Contabilidade, which now has easy remote access and all the mobility that only the cloud brings to employees and customers.

1. About the company

Lamark Contabilidade Empresarial is an accounting office, located in Belém-PA, which offers effective solutions for different types of businesses.

Its focus is on optimizing costs and generating information for the entrepreneur with indications on the best way to conduct his enterprise, with reliability and safety.

The company is led by Lamark Santos, CEO of Lamark Contabilidade , who has been working in the accounting area for 17 years. In addition to Lamark, he still manages two other accounting offices: one focused on the health area and the other on the financial market.

With several challenges to overcome, in addition to the pandemic period, Lamark tells here what motivated him to migrate his accounting management system to the cloud .

2. Challenges

At first, the company worked like a traditional office, with an internal database and a local server .

However, with the passage of time and the new working conditions caused by the pandemic, it became necessary to implement processes that guarantee the flow of tasks, remote access for employees, compliance with deadlines and safe and efficient customer service. .

In addition, another major problem faced was the unavailability of the database , whose access depended on the operation of a machine. Thus, when the server had a problem, the entire structure stopped working.

It wasn't recurring, but eventually it ended up having the server stopped and all the other sectors of the office that needed access and stopped along with it, ”explains the CEO.

3. Solution

With the server problems that centralized the company's entire operation and data, in addition to the changes caused by the pandemic, Lamark didn't think twice and opted to change the local structure, which was the basis for using its management system, to the cloud. 

When asked about the reasons that led him to migrate the accounting management system to the cloud , the CEO replied:

Change comes in two ways: either you choose to join or you are forced, and due to the pandemic, we ended up being forced to change, which was to seek a system where you could have remote access. We've been working with our system for 17 years, and the team had already introduced the cloud system through a partnership with Sky.One . At the time there was a reluctance to change. But when we felt the need to monitor everything remotely, I had the need to implement this ”.

For Lamark, this was a major watershed, considering that today the company is able to work remotely with all employees and the deadlines for ancillary obligations are duly met, as if everyone were inside the accounting office.

4. Results

Availability and guarantee of access to information 

If before there was the risk of unavailability by using the local server, which was subject to unexpected stops, after using the cloud, the company was benefited with the guarantee of uninterrupted access to business information .

Today cloud access has eliminated this problem. Now we have good internet and with that we will have continuous access to all our information. I believe that the great security we feel today when carrying out tasks is not just the fact of being able to access the database in the cloud from anywhere. This is undoubtedly a differential, but I believe that the security that the next day everything will be there and will work, that is priceless. As a manager, I focus a lot on the issue of security and business continuity, which depends on eliminating this type of risk that existed ”, reports Lamark.

For the CEO, the gain that surpassed even the possibility of remote access was the certainty that all the information inside the database is safe.

Today I close the office door carefree because if something catches fire our information is backed up and safe. I think this was a big differentiator for us. ”.

task control

With the solution, the company was able to implement, through the integrated accounting system with cloud access, the task control programs.

Today I can monitor the entire office through systems, which was previously done manually. Now the 3 units have their task control designed and mapped within a system. This facilitated access to information and brought the possibility of providing remote assistance ”, highlights Lamark.

Decentralization of data

Before, the company was not sure that the operation would not stop due to a machine. Today they already know that, even if a machine has a problem, the operation continues. There is remote access to all information.

Today I don't have anything centralized on a single server inside the office because if that server breaks down, everything can be corrupted. So the cloud made a big difference in terms of security and also the speed at which we can access information even when we are far from it ”, confirms Lamark.

Success with Sky.One , Lamark & ​​Tron partnership

Lamark Santos is an accounting enthusiast. He says he doesn't look at other offices as competitors because he makes himself available to help and indicate the use of the cloud. This decision is also due to the trustful partnership with Sky.One .  

The partnership has only aggregated. A great differential, for any type of service provision, is the prompt service, with quick turnaround. In that process, when I needed the deployment, it was amazing how quickly everything changed. Something I expected would take a week to resolve was resolved in 2 days. I said we needed to resolve this as soon as possible. I signed the contract one day and the next the system was running. I believe this brought a lot of confidence to the company. It is a state-of-the-art service ”, highlights Lamark.

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