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About the company

Founded in 2014, Lumi is a software company based in Brasilia. Its focus is the creation of management systems for the retail sector.

However, the group also has customers in the footwear, paper and textile sectors. Lumi is present especially in the North, Northeast and Midwest regions of the country, with operations also in the Federal District and in the states of Mato Grosso, Goiás, Tocantins, Bahia and Maranhão.

In 2015, the company gained visibility by winning the title of Best Software Company, an award granted by the Union of IT Companies of the Federal District.


One of the main challenges for the Brazilian business community for the 2016 fiscal year is cost reduction. In the area of ​​information technology, which should record growth below expectations, the specter of readjustments can be even more frightening.

“One of the sector's main concerns is to avoid reducing productivity”, says Rodrigo Vidal, commercial director at Lumi Software.

In this context, explains the executive, the expenses with installing servers are high, which impacts the costs of services from companies like Lumi. In addition, the interstate transport of machinery and equipment also ends up causing a delay in the delivery of the product.

This delay has some consequences, such as the difficulty of seeking new clients in other regions of Brazil, since the budget for the sales and consultancy areas is increasingly restricted.


Cloud technology represents a great opportunity to save budgets, as it reduces the need to purchase machines for data hosting.

With Sky One, software can be installed in a short period of time, ensuring that maintenance and updates are done directly from the center in Brasília. In the case of Lumi, the benefit is even greater. From now on, it is possible to focus on a national expansion plan.

“With a more agile structure, we will be able to seek new customers in states where we still don't have operations”, says Vidal.

Still according to Lumi's director, this is a way to simplify the business model. Agility is a constant demand in the retail sector, which has a high cash flow and therefore needs a management system that works efficiently and quickly.


According to Rodrigo Vidal, one of the main obstacles in the information technology sector in Brazil used to be the inefficiency of telecommunications. With huge and complex servers, data transmission was slower, as well as the speed of connections. Now, Lumi can deliver software faster and more efficiently.

The telecoms market has not improved much, but Sky.One 's cloud technology allows, among other benefits, the program to be able to run on a reduced internet bandwidth. “Processing is no longer local and goes to the cloud. Therefore, there is no need for heavy hardware”, details Vidal. He also points out that customers used to be concerned about the security of their data within the cloud. However, this scenario has changed.

" Sky.One 's partnership with a company like Amazon generates a lot of credibility."

“With a more agile structure, we will be able to seek new customers in states where we do not yet have operations, says Vidal”