Ploomes integrates its systems to offer more security and agility to its customers

The project included the integration of the Ploomes CRM solution and the TOTVS Protheus ERP platform, promoting the synchronization of all data on people, companies, proposals, billing and inventory held by the company. Systems integration was carried out using the Integra.Sky platform, developed by Sky.One .

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About the company

Ploomes is one of the largest CRM companies in Latin America and has established itself in the market by creating the first innovative tool that combined CRM, pricing, process automation and generation of commercial proposals to increase the productivity of teams, bringing visibility and efficiency to companies .

Its main focus was to facilitate and centralize the entire commercial operation , from the lead generated to its conversion and loyalty, making it the salesperson's only work environment and enabling a 360º view of customers.

With a portfolio of companies from all segments and serving clients such as Philips Healthcare, Intelbras, Grupo Moura and Unimed, Ploomes ended up attracting the attention of experienced startup investors in the B2B market.

Matheus Pagani is CEO/FOUNDER and shared in this case the challenges he needed to overcome and what motivated the partnership with Sky.One . Keep reading!


One of the main challenges that Ploomes began to face with the scale of the business was the demand from its customers for the integration between the CRM and its ERP management systems .

In this context, due to the penetration of TOTVS Protheus, it was necessary to develop something that was more “plug & play” to reduce the “time to market” and increase the conversion rates of the commercial team.

According to the CEO of Ploomes, Matheus Pagani, the integration of the systems was extremely important when making sales, guaranteeing a higher quality service to the customer.

We started to carry out an integration internally, but this is not our core business . For this reason, the demand for developing integrations allocated a lot of time and internal resources, taking the team's focus away from the development and continuous improvement of our software ”, he explains.


When looking for a solution that offered systems and software integration services in a more robust and secure way, Ploomes opted for the Integra.Sky platform.

The project led by Sky.One enabled us to offer our services with more agility and assertiveness. We increased our conversion rate, started to provide a more accessible service and allocated a team to continue improving our product, says the executive.


For Pagani, through the partnership with Sky.One it was possible to promote greater customer safety , more attractive prices and even greater performance for the company's internal team , which began to concentrate its efforts on the core business and act in a more strategic way to business growth.

Another important advantage was the reduction in the closing cycle of deals , which were previously waiting for an integration project.

With Integra.Sky was possible to gain scale in deliveries and a more accessible offer to the end customer .

“In this partnership with Sky.One , we were able to increase our performance and, consequently, our customers gained more security, agility, cost reduction and visibility of what is happening in real time for the prevention of errors, anticipation of problems and proactive management ”, concludes the executive.

With Integra.Sky , the connectivity promoted by the platform was directly available to Ploomes' sales, implementation and customer success teams.

This connectivity provided greater speed in preparing and closing proposals , faster and fewer errors , as well as less need for support and more products to offer in the sales, implementation and customer success sectors.

Do like Ploomes and integrate your software in a simple, fast and secure way with Integra.Sky ! Contact us and speak with one of our integration specialists!

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