Software House that stopped selling on premise

Paulo Palmerio, CEO of Presence, tells what has changed in his software house with the Sky.One partnership.

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1. About the company

Presence is a software development company in the field of retail automation, very focused on stores and franchise networks in the fashion area, which involves apparel, footwear and perfumes.

Paulo Palmerio, CEO of Presence , tells what has changed in his software house with the Sky.One .

2. Challenges

In the past, all of the company's infrastructure was on premise . In this installation model, the Presence team was practically concentrated in the São Paulo region.

Even though the team carried out remote actions, the delay caused by the quality of the internet, data migration and migration of installation tools was very large. 

This was a process that lacked quality, speed and adequate standardization ”, recalls Paulo.

In addition, implementation costs were high and it was with the aim of reducing them that the Presence team sought a solution in the cloud.

3. Solution

The solution was to make a complete migration move to the cloud . This change streamlined the process and implemented a standard for the team and customers, while still allowing the company to have absolute control over the base.

The whole project, made together with Sky.One , was based on templates. An implantation template, a machine template and their setting up were established, all quickly.

It was a radical change from which there is no turning back, today the company has given up working on premise. Every new customer who asks about working on premise we already say that we don't do it anymore, all because of the benefits we get using the cloud ”, confirms Paulo.

Today, the reality of using the cloud is already active in the sales process of Presence systems, with an important detail: the team presents an accessible cloud solution that is cheaper than the competition , opening the doors to a great migration opportunity.

4. Results

According to Paulo, Sky.One is the partner that provides the infrastructure and quality for the final product to be ideal for the customer, at a competitive price. 

Technical staff from both sides work together to meet market demands. The partnership process is a project, and it needs to be salable.

Sky.One Sky.One company, among all my suppliers, that I would list as the best I've had a relationship with in the last 5 years, in terms of service, awareness of activities and speed of response ”, comments Paulo.

In addition, Presence has several important results in this process of changing solutions to the cloud:

Deployment speed

When the company still used the on premise model, the team had to pick up the machine, understand the process, create a standard and install it. 

Now, with the deployment template ready, they manage to raise a new customer within the period of 1 hour .

And what's cool is that it's fast and standardized. We were able to have a degree of standardized installation that did not exist on the premise, because it depended on local installers ”, highlights Paulo.

Sales to franchises and companies throughout Brazil

Now with the installation based on the Cloud model, the Presence team does not limit its activities to customers located in São Paulo , making it possible to sell the systems to companies throughout Brazil.

And we are in the process of a very strong evolution with franchise networks. We just closed with a chain that has 250 stores throughout Brazil. Cloud installation is for each franchise back office with national expression. Today the installation team raises a new customer like this with a very quick time pattern. It changed our lives and made the process easier ”, reports Paulo.


Today, the Presence team has complete control of the operation thanks to monitoring.

“We were able to have visibility of what is happening and follow any stopping point. This generates speed of deployment, speed of installation control, and scalability. This is all the project, which is a result of the work between the two teams ”, highlights Paulo.

Do like Presence and start your journey to the cloud ! Get in touch and see how simple it is to migrate your software, leaving the complexity of the cloud to us.

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