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The mobility of the cloud system allows us to place our entire structure within the reach of the customer.

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About the company

Founded in 1975, Revisora ​​Paulista provides business guidance to more than 300 clients throughout Brazil, especially in the state of São Paulo. The company provides services ranging from advice and consultancy in the fiscal, tax and accounting areas, to bank reconciliation services, preparation of reports, regularization and corporate governance. Revisora ​​Paulista also operates in technology, with the development of integrated management systems and software (ERP), in addition to user training and support.

2. Challenges

Revisora ​​Paulista needed its own structure to run its database and internal software to manage documents, applications and accounting records. For Rodrigo Vassoler, technology manager, the challenge was to control these systems in order to integrate the company's two units, located in the neighborhoods of Mooca and Moema. To make the structure mobile and operate it from a distance, Vassoler resorted to tricks such as connection licenses and software for remote access. “In addition to not being cheap, we faced many security concerns”, says the manager, who wasted a lot of time updating servers and software licenses. Vassoler explains that he needed to pay individual attention to each machine in the company, as the absence of an automatic backup increased the vulnerability.

In addition to security and mobility, the financial factor was also a concern for Revisora ​​Paulista's IT team. According to Rodrigo Vassoler, to keep the infrastructure updated it would be necessary to invest at least R$40,000 in servers, technicians, software , purchase and maintenance of hardware. “What we always wanted was to reduce this structure and transform it into something more practical”, says the manager.

3. Solution

Revisora ​​Paulista partnered with Sky.One in October 2015. The process to put the company's database and software in the clouds took less than a week. The practicality allowed around 100 employees of the company to use the system in a faster and simpler way, now remotely. For Vassoler, the investment in cloud technology is immediately rewarded with security and opportunity cost: “Just put it on the tip of the pencil and see that it's worth it”.



BRL 40 thousand.

4. Results

Saving more than R$40,000 in the short term by giving up an entire IT structure was good for Revisora ​​Paulista's coffers, but the company prefers to talk about practicality and increased productivity as the main benefits of the cloud. The company, whose main objective was to offer services such as “visits to the client's place of activity” and “personalized guidance”, is now able to put its concepts of good service into practice. “The mobility of the cloud system allows us to put our entire structure within reach of the customer, all they need is a computer with a browser and internet access”, says Rodrigo Vassoler, who now accesses what he needs where he needs it, when he needs it. “I can even work from home.” The IT manager's life just got easier when it comes to maintenance. With cloud technology, all it takes is a single update to make every machine in the company consistent and secure. Automatic and instantaneous backup is another tool that helps against information loss. “This is the future, more practical and secure systems guide information technology in companies. That's the cloud,” says Vassoler.


Automatic and instant backup.

Machines always updated and safe.

“The mobility of the cloud system allows us to place our entire structure within the reach of the customer, all you need is a computer with a browser and internet access”