Rossi and Sky.One : cloud with more performance and lower cost

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About the company

Rossi the main developers and builders in the country. With 40 years of existence, the company operates nationally and, throughout its history, has already delivered more than 86 thousand units. The developer is present in several segments of the real estate market and has in its portfolio numerous sales successes of residential and commercial properties, in the most varied income profiles and styles.

Rossi understands that its mission goes beyond building homes and workplaces. Your commitment is with life projects. Based on values ​​such as innovation, valuing people and sustainability, the company believes in building long-term relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, partners and shareholders.   

Challenges with the Cloud

Rossi had already been part of the Cloud infrastructure for some years. However, the high cost, due to billing in dollars, was a point of great relevance for the continuity of use.

After three migrations to different cloud providers, the company was able to achieve a seamless system change for the first time, in conjunction with partner Sky.One . Another point of extreme relevance for the efficiency of the company's work is that with everything in the cloud, the infrastructure is already ready. With the opening of new branches, this is no longer an issue to be worked on.  

If I need to start a new branch or a new project, I already have all the core systems in the cloud, and I don't need to worry about any local infrastructure”, explains Eduardo Araújo, Rossi's Information Technology manager. “With that, we also have a very significant reduction in operating costs.

However, another point that created difficulties was the service used:

We used another public cloud with another partner where we had service issues and a high cost. As a result, we first needed to migrate the old partner's key with Sky.One and then migrate to Google's cloud. Comments Eduardo Pereira de Araújo – Information Technology Manager at Rossi

A few years ago, the company started working with the ECC component in the EHP 8 version, using modules such as FI (financial accounting), CO (controlling), MM (materials management) and TRM (treasury and risk management). But the high dollar exchange rate in 2020 made the costs of the cloud provider it used at the time excessively high. The team was also dissatisfied with the service provided, which led them to look for a new provider and partner to support them with the migration.

For the provider, the key was to have a good cost with high availability and scalability. For the partner, the requirements were to carry out the migration in a short period of time (since the contract with the other service was coming to an end) and knowledge about the previous provider, to guarantee the success of the operation. After a period of research, Google Cloud and Sky.One were chosen for this endeavor.

Among the cloud options we researched, Google Cloud offered us the best financial condition and a solution that really suited us. And among the various partners we contacted, Sky.One presented us with the best work planning and service. Eduardo Araújo, IT manager at Rossi Residencial


The company has been undergoing a major restructuring of its organization and expenses are included in this process. In this way, it is necessary to see its entire spectrum to understand what is worth investing in and what is the best way. And Sky.One is a strategic partner so that the company can have the best service with the best cost-benefit ratio with its Auto.Sky .

With a tight deadline to carry out the migration, there would be no time to install the applications from scratch on Google Cloud. For this reason, Rossi asked the Sky.One team to completely mirror the previous architecture, that is, to migrate the virtual machines of the four SAP environments they own and four servers for other applications directly to Google Cloud.

So, after a detailed mapping of the source structure together with Rossi, the partner was able to plan the migration in one month.

When you carry out a previous mapping and, consequently, end up knowing the customer's environment well, you can prepare the migration destination in a way that already has all the integrations and their respective accesses working, comments Ricardo Nunes, Sky.One .

The tool chosen for the transfer of environments was Migrate for Compute Engine (formerly called Velostrata), which streamlines, facilitates and reduces risks for the migration of applications to Google Cloud. Sky.One Sky.One a professional specialized in this solution to conduct the operation, who also had the support of Google Cloud specialists to make the necessary adjustments.

The process took just one month to complete. The environments were successfully migrated with zero impact on the operation, an unprecedented feat for the company. Now, SAP environments are running on a new infrastructure made up of Compute Engine , a service that allows you to create and run virtual machines, and Cloud Storage , for data storage.

It is the first time, after three migrations that we had already made to private and public clouds, that our users did not feel an impact and we did not have any interruption in the system. It was a six-handed project that worked out very well. Eduardo Araújo, manager of Information Technology at Rossi Residencial.

Flexibility for any business need with Cloud for SAP

Since the migration, Rossi has not faced any more episodes of system unavailability, much less user requests or related incidents. The high performance was maintained even with the resizing of the virtual machines carried out by the team. In fact, the flexibility to increase or decrease resources according to the company's demands proved to be fundamental. “Rossi is in a branch that has elasticity. During a year, we can have two or three works, as well as ten. So it is important to have this resource in the cloud”, says Araújo.

As the company's operation does not work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, another benefit obtained with the change was the possibility of being able to schedule the times when the servers will be on and off, generating savings for the company. Along with these factors, charging for services in reais, with the dollar fixed, led to a 50% reduction in monthly costs compared to the previous provider.

The easy integration between Google Cloud and SAP tools positively surprised the team.

We were concerned that there might be some incompatibility, we didn't know if we would be able to work the same way. And today we managed to work even better than before. Comments the IT manager. For Sky.One , the good fit between the solutions becomes noticeable right after the migration.

Google Cloud's solutions support all phases of SAP migration, but in the post-migration phase, we noticed that the day-to-day operation is even more integrated. Ricardo Nunes, Solution Specialist at Sky.One

The stability and security of the cloud made the IT team's day-to-day work more practical. It is no longer necessary to travel to the company outside of business hours to carry out an update or repair. Today, employees can seamlessly work remotely and maintain business continuity across the country.

With more time to focus on business needs rather than operational issues, the team is now looking into adopting new Google Cloud tools. Rossi's next challenge is to further strengthen the commercial operation and customer service with the use of data analysis and artificial intelligence solutions, taking advantage of the company's extensive database.

Results with the Cloud

After 3 cloud migrations, for the first time users did not feel any impact regarding the migration.

  • > cost
  • > High Availability
  • > Scalability
  • > Service
  • > Security

With more than 2 years of partnership with Sky.One and with plans for many more years, cloud applications are no longer a GAP for the company, both economically and technically. In addition to being able to have a high-level and agile service and a relationship of great trust.

And, the highlight is the 50% reduction in monthly cloud costs for SAP.