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Migrating counters from on premises to the cloud

Discover the successful case of the Sky.One and Fortes Tecnologia partnership.

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1. About the company

Fortes Tecnologia has 30 years of history, is a company specialized in the development of software for accounting management, people management, financial management and transport.

Through the Fortes Academy, the company trains customers with courses and training aimed at boosting the career of technology professionals and making them specialists in different solutions.

2. Challenges

Digital transformation requires companies that work with software development to find new ways to promote, sell and deploy their solutions. 

And, in the case of Fortes, the challenge was very clear : Cloud structure vs. On-Premises .

To make any movement with On-Premises, we often need to make an appointment with the IT staff or with the whole team to do the first installation, which depends on a lot of schedule to make it happen. When we have the cloud, the process is different: there is already a ready-made setup, that whole environment is prepared for it, and the software is already there in the cloud ”, reports Felipe Roque, Commercial Director at Fortes Tecnologia .

Thus, these were the main difficulties of the On-premises model:

  • worry about making an appointment to install the software;
  • have the entire IT team available; and
  • depend on internet speed to download a software.

Since the deployment through the cloud is much more agile, it reflects a quick delivery of the systems, with the anticipation of their use by the customer .

Pandemic scenario accelerates cloud usage

We know that the context of the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted different types of businesses.

When Fortes Tecnologia found itself at this moment, it realized that it urgently needed an efficient cloud solution , also because the cross selling opportunity was already knocking on the door in an organic way.

Customers already came with the demand for the cloud because they knew they needed this resource to keep working.  

3. Solution

To overcome the challenges, the solution found was to form a partnership with Sky.One , ensuring that Fortes' solutions were available through the cloud.

We started with Sky.One in a very structured way. It was precisely at the height of the pandemic , highlights Felipe.

This partnership brought fluidity to the company's cross selling operation. 

Before there was a single team that worked Cross-Sell and Up-Sell , but with the Sky.One was necessary to separate operations due to the large volume of Cross-Sell with the new cloud offer.

Like any company, we went through a process of adaptation in the pandemic. But we managed to understand very quickly what our customers needed, we acted extremely quickly so that we could support them with a pandemic or without a pandemic, so that when they needed Fortes, we were there, delivering a cloud offer more adherent to what he needs at that moment ”, comments Felipe.

4. Results

With the possibility of offering in the cloud, sales increased during the pandemic and important results were achieved by the company:

Greater customer satisfaction

With the use of the cloud, Fortes' customers gained both in performance and in experience. The result was increased satisfaction with the services, both for those who already operated in the cloud and for those who had an on-premise structure and chose to migrate to the cloud .

In the case of on-premises, customers did not improve the infrastructure at the speed that was needed. A reflection of this was the drop in performance over time, as the cloud becomes very important for maintaining speed, providing important day-to-day gains.

In the case of customers who were in another cloud and went to Sky.One , an improvement was observed not only in speed but also in the way this cloud is set up. Customers now have an experience similar to on-premises, but with the extra benefits of the cloud.

Increase in business closures in other locations previously unserved

The partnership also facilitated Fortes' entry into markets that had an expansion strategy.

We are a technology company that already has a large market share in the North and Northeast regions, and when we decided to expand to the South and Southeast regions, we saw a different digital maturity. This makes our potential client already want an offer in the cloud, because he already knows the differentials, he knows that the investments are smaller, and he wants to be mobile to work ”, explains Felipe.

In large cities such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, where many people already work in the home office model, this mobility, together with agility and ease of access , are the most important points when choosing a cloud offer.

Having this offer option greatly facilitated Fortes' work to offer more possibilities to customers and also to bring agility to the internal operation itself.

Increased security with infrastructure and data

It is common to have the concern of putting operations in the cloud. A good part of the companies still believe that everything that is at hand, that is palpable, passes more security and control when we talk about information and data.

But when we have a great partner that guarantees this security, we mitigate this risk. In Felipe's words, “ the risk will exist anywhere, but if you don't have a good backend structure with firewalls and that guarantees speed… Being in the On-premises structure is not the best deal ”.

Felipe also highlights the importance of having a secure infrastructure base: 

You need to have your customer data protected. Fortes' software stores a lot of information that is extremely sensitive for customers. So, if there weren't a partner like Sky.One , which supports and guarantees the protection of this information until the end, the company would be out of the market ”.

How about doing like Fortes Tecnologia and expanding your offers as Sky.One ? Just get in touch here and guarantee special partnership conditions!