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Secure remote access to stores and a fast system were factors for the migration

Fabio Sbrissa, Director of Grupo 4 Filhos, explains what motivated him to migrate his stores to the cloud and what results he obtained. He learns about the successful case of the partnership Sky.One and Grupo 4 Filhos, which overcame several challenges of local infrastructure after migrating to the cloud.

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About the company

Grupo 4 Filhos has more than 30 years of experience in the supermarket business. Fabio Sbrissa , Director of the group , tells here what motivated him to migrate his stores to the cloud and what results he obtained.

In this case , he reports how the speed and usability of the cloud for day-to-day tasks positively impacted the performance of his business.


The infrastructure of the Supermercados 4 Filhos units had a local server, which caused serious problems, such as cyber attacks .

There were several invasions of the server with company data, in addition to power problems that caused the UPS and server to burn out .

“There was a period when the company lost data for an entire year and we were unable to recover because there were no constant backups. Power outages also ended up impacting other stores in the group ,” says Fabio.

Another challenge was the physical security of the equipment and servers , which needed a restricted location, with no access for all people, so that no problems could occur.



In order to solve the reported problems, the company decided to migrate the local structure to the cloud with Sky.One .

With the migration to the cloud, the need to have an exclusive space for the equipment was overcome, which reduced costs and operational tasks. 

When asked what was the definitive reason for the decision to migrate to the cloud, Fabio said:

One of the main reasons was access outside the company , being able to carry out various actions from wherever you are, be it changing prices, posting notes, quotations . Wherever I am, I can work and see all the stores, with the checkout at each one” .

Another factor cited as a determining factor in the change was Sky.One 's customer service :

“Whoever answers the call directs us to the right person, in addition to being super fast. Support, whenever we need it, is available to resolve issues right away. We are very satisfied” , says Fabio.



After migrating to the cloud, Grupo de Supermercados 4 Filhos managed to achieve several important results for the operation. Check out the main ones:


The speed and usability of the cloud for day-to-day tasks resulted in better business performance. Processes have become faster to run.

Fabio gives an example of the importance of having more speed in the operation: “a report of 6 thousand items took a long time to finalize with the local server, the team even gave up doing it because of that. Now with the cloud it is instantaneous , in 1 minute we can generate our reports” .

Remote access

Ease of working abroad, security and agility in processes were the main benefits of the migration, which provided remote access to ERP functionalities.

It is important to highlight that it was not necessary to make any changes to the stores' infrastructure for the migration to the cloud.

Agility in customer service

The cloud also brought agility to the operation at Grupo 4 Filhos' teller machines.

“Since the local server did not support a high volume of operations, the POS (Points of Sale) ended up crashing. Now there are no more crashing problems in this part that impacts customers” , concludes Fabio.

Do like Grupo 4 Filhos and start your journey to the cloud ! Get in touch and see how simple it is to migrate your software , leaving the complexity of the cloud to us.

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