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The cloud is a simpler and more professional structure, you already know what to expect and avoid unpleasant surprises

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About the company

Founded in 1986, APP Sistemas specializes in the development, sale and support of corporate systems. Since 1991, it has been working with automation and management solutions exclusively for catering and hospitality wholesalers. The company, one of the three largest in Brazil in the segment, has around 800 customers spread across 23 states. With 50 direct employees and more than 30 indirect ones, APP Sistemas controls more than 850 ceasas users and more than 50 thousand hotel units. The company had revenues of BRL 10 million in 2015.


APP Sistemas develops two modular systems, one for each segment in which it operates. APP Hotel allows you to meet the needs of all types of enterprises, from small inns to large hotels and chains. The software integrates the entire security system, online reservations, employee activities such as attendants and chambermaids, as well as a management system for analyzing results and strategic planning. The APP Ceasa adapts to companies that work with fruits and vegetables. Among other functionalities, the software offers a system that guarantees more agility to wholesalers when placing orders, a returnable packaging module, as well as control of inputs, outputs, cash and accounts receivable.

The software was installed on the client's own machines, which were not always prepared to receive the entire structure. According to Gerson Pedrinho, technical director of APP Sistemas, the hospitality and ceasa segments are still resistant to the advent of information technology, especially small establishments. APP Sistemas constantly dealt with maintenance of damaged structures, loss of information, power outages and outdated systems.


App Systems

App Systems


In mid-2015, APP Sistemas began to offer the possibility of migrating the entire structure of the client to the cloud hosting service. According to Pedrinho, Sky.One was chosen because, in the market, it is the company that offers the “smoothest transition”, with easy deployment and secure data transfer. With APP hotels and APP ceasa in ccloud, customers no longer have to worry about infrastructure and can access functionalities from anywhere and at any time. “It's a simpler and more professional structure, you already know what to expect and avoid unpleasant surprises”, guarantees the CTO.


Risk mitigation was the first benefit observed with the deployment of the cloud. With the system running on the web, without depending on the client's infrastructure, APP Sistemas achieved a drastic reduction in the incidence of maintenance problems. The company started to close more sales, as it manages to show the cost-effectiveness between a local structure and a cloud structure. The customer automatically waives expenses with licensing and maintenance of the server, backup, technicians and operating system. Pedrinho explains that cost is not always the big differential. "Sometimes, just the advantage of accessing everything over the internet in an easy and fast way already attracts the customer". The CTO reinforces that the sector is still sensitive to new technologies, but has already managed to deploy cloud storage in just over 5% of its customer base. Expectations for the future are good: Pedrinho projects the cloud to be used by 30% of customers by 2018. “The chances of it becoming a trend are great, growth is guaranteed”, he says.

Reduction of maintenance problems.

Best value for money.

“It is a simpler and more professional structure, you already know what to expect and avoid unpleasant surprises”, guarantees the CTO”