About the Company

Founded in 1986, APP Sistemas specializes in developing, marketing and supporting corporate systems. The IT company has been working with automation and management solutions specialized for hospitality market. The company has more than 800 customers utilizing it HITS (Hotel Integrated Technology Solution) platform. Their customer base is comprised of more than 850 users and 50,000+ hotel units.


APP Sistemas develops two modular systems, one for each of its market segments. From boutique hotels to large chains, APP Hotel provides software modules for all management needs in the hospitality business. The software integrates security systems, online reservations, employee tasks (i.e. attendants, maid services, etc.) and a management system for analysis and strategic planning.

APP Ceasa is a management software serving business in the produce market. The software boosts productivity for wholesalers through order entry, returnable packaging, entry control and accounts receivable modules.

Before Sky.One, the software was manually installed on customers’ own infrastructure (which needed to be purchased separately). According to Gerson Pedrinho, APP Sistemas Chief Technology Office (CTO), the hotel and Ceasa segments are resistant to change on their software, especially within the SMB market. APP Sistemas frequently encountered customer issues needing support for misconfigured infrastructure, data loss, power outages and outdated systems.


App Sistemas
App Sistemas


In 2015, APP Sistemas began offering the possibility to migrate the entire customer structure to a cloud-based solution eventually leading to a partnership with Sky.One. According to Pedrinho, Sky.One looked to provide the “smoothest transition” with a simplified deployment model accompanied with the most secure data migration. With hotels APP and ceasa APP in the cloud, customers no longer have to separately deal with infrastructure requirements and can access their software remotely at any time via web browser.

“It is a simpler and more professional structure, you already know what to expect and avoid unpleasant surprises,” Pedrinho stated.


Risk mitigation was the first benefit seen with cloud deployment. With the new SaaS environment running on a browser, APP Sistemas significantly reduced maintenance issues. It has also opened up a completely new revenue stream as their sales team can provide TCO benefits comparing buying with on-premise infrastructure to their cloud offering.

“Sometimes, the advantage of accessing the Internet easily and quickly already attracts the customer,” Pedrinho also explains as ease of deployment can be as big of a differentiator as TCO.

While the industry is still reluctant to new technologies, the company has managed to deploy more than 5 percent of their customer base over to their cloud-based solution.

*This success story was translated from its publishing originally posted in Portuguese.


“It is a simpler and more professional structure, you already know what to expect and avoid unpleasant surprises”