About the Company

Athenas3000 has been operating for more than 20 years providing accounting and business management software in various markets. With more than 1,500 customers, Athenas3000 serves companies focused on transportation, services, accounting, foreign trade, among others. The software company is headquartered in Vitória, Espírito Santo (Brazil) with a reseller network of partners located throughout the country.


Athenas3000 provides Integrated Business Management Systems (IBMS) that allow customers to automate and control business information and data in one place. The system consists of different solutions with administrative, human resources, tax and accounting functionalities.

While expanding its customer base, Athenas3000 found it difficult to bring the system to cities outside of its existing operation.

“The inability to appear in person at the client’s location made it difficult to close new businesses,” Sandra Mara Teodoro, Sales Coordinator, stated.

According to Sandra, they faced a shortage of technicians to keep up with their customers’ maintenance and support needs costing the company in costly on-site customer visits.

Due to these limitations, Athenas3000 required its customers to have their own infrastructure to run their software. Conditions were not favorable in terms of financial or security terms as a server error could cause system crashes and critical data loss.



In 2016, Athenas3000 partnered with Sky.One deploying their software into the Auto.Sky Cloud Platform. It was the first time the company had tested its management software as a cloud-based solution. Unfamiliar with cloud technology, it was only a matter of weeks for their software and operations to experience a boost in efficiency meeting technical support demands.

“The Sky.One team soon solved our slow startup and server connection issues,” Teodoro stated.


With Sky.One, Athenas3000 was able to present system features and provide technical support remotely, reaching more customers across the country. The company also began pushing out maintenance updates to its customer base more effectively. Customers also benefited by relying on Athenas3000 for infrastructure needs rather than having to purchase on-premise infrastructure separately. According to Teodoro, Athenas3000 customers were required to make an initial investment of nearly R$8,000 in infrastructure, which still required expenses of nearly R$1,000/month in maintenance.

“The customer who goes through this experience knows he will gain in cost-benefit and security,” she stated. She has encouraging expectations for their cloud offering projecting half of their customer base will move to their cloud solution in the next two years.

“The customer who goes through this experience knows he will gain in cost-benefit and security,”

Sandra Mara Teodoro,
Sales Coordinator