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Autumn is a provider of fleet management, support and CRM software. With more than 25 years of experience in the road, cargo and parcel transportation sector, Autumn already has a portfolio of more than 400 clients across Brazil and Africa. To consolidate its position as one of the industry leaders, the company plans to expand operations in other countries in Latin America by 2021.


Autumn provides Autumn Integrated Management Systems (SIGA), a management software bundle for customers in the transportation industry. The system consists of a set of modules supporting all industry-specific operations including database management.

To promote this integration, Autumn used Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). This technology allows multiple clients to connect to the same server to run their desktops, sharing resources on the server. RDP, however, was an obsolete, resource-limited model. Customers were required to have a Windows operating system machine and terminal configured for network access.

“The network administrator had access to all system data. If not very careful, we would have serious security risks,” Alonso Junior, Development Director for Autumn, explained.

RDP also required software to be installed on each machine making implementation a tedious process, lasting up to a week. With development in virtualization technologies and increasing performance in computers, Autumn needed an alternative to improve its product portfolio and remain competitive in the market.

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After researching new avenues, Autumn discovered a new cloud technology provider shaking things up in the market with a unique solution offering. In 2013, the technology company partnered with Sky.One to leverage its virtualization services and deploy SIGA in the cloud. Implementation timelines immediately decreased from a week to within 48 hours. There is no longer a need for software installation as the system can now be accessed as a browser-based solution. This also removed the complexity of operating system limitations. In addition to Windows, it is possible to use Linux as well as expand to mobile access via tablets and smartphones. With Sky.One’s virtualization, the user also has access only to the content they need improving security measures. With Sky.One revamping the system’s entire infrastructure, customers have boosted operational efficiency through remote access on any device at any time.


Autumn customers reported significant cost savings with their IT infrastructure. By moving to a subscription model, customers are able to reduce upfront licensing costs, maintenance, server administration, terminal and operating system expenses. According to Junior, Sky One’s infrastructure cost is more uniform over the long term optimizing operating costs. Currently, 5 percent of Autumn’s customer base uses Sky.One’s cloud technology, but Junior projects rapid growth.

“We are talking about a market trend, customers will have more infrastructure issues and will need these solutions. We expect to triple these numbers over the next four years, ”Junior stated on how Sky.One adds value to the company’s product line, “With Sky.One, I can build customer loyalty and stay competitive in the marketplace.”

“With Sky.One, I can build customer loyalty and stay competitive in the marketplace.”

Alonso Junior