About the Company

Consinco, a developer of supermarket management software, self-service and distributor networks, has been around for 25 years. It is a leader in these segments, with a 35 percent market share among the largest networks in the country. With operations in 25 states and R$50 million (roughly $12.6 million USD) in revenue in 2015, Consinco serves 180 business groups with its systems running in 2,000 establishments throughout Brazil.


As a leader in the country’s ERP solutions market, Consinco developed its system utilizing a client-server architecture. This model allows you to interconnect all computers in an enterprise through a data server access protocol. With this model, an employee can access your company’s program only if the software is installed on the workstation. Due to this monolithic architecture, however, it limits customer access not allowing users to log in remotely from a browser and needing to first install the program on their computer. Consinco began the pursuit for a path to the cloud. Their selection process consisted of vetting through several cloud providers offering conventional solutions requiring ancillary deployment and additional costs for cloud enablement.

“We have always seen these solutions with some restrictions because they solve part of the problem, not all of it,” said Silvio Souza, Commercial Director for Consinco.



Once Consinco discovered Sky.One’s innovative platform solution, they ruled out all other possibilities.

“We did hands-on experiments to see if our systems could lose performance or risk crashes,” says Sousa.

Not having to budget for additional costs many competing vendors required and a solution designed to simplify cloud infrastructure, Consinco launched its partnership with Sky.One in September 2015.

“Customers can be carefree. The cloud is a remote structure and Sky.One has further simplified this structure without losing our software performance,” Sousa highlighted.


Today, Consinco offers a cloud-based solution allowing customers to free up CapEx budget by freeing up the upfront purchases of their own servers. With Sky.One’s hosting through Amazon Web Services (AWS), it allows customers the ability to plan for growth. Whether that growth is temporary or long term, they no longer have to worry about relying on agreements to extend data storage or have operations impacted by server downtime. Within five years, Souza projects at least 30 percent of Consinco customers will have their software hosted on AWS.

“Customers can be carefree. The cloud is a remote structure and Sky.One has further simplified this structure without losing our software performance”