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Founded in 2014, Lumi is a software company based in Brazil providing business management solutions for the retail, paper and textile industries. In 2015, the company received the Sinfor award, an award by the Computer Companies Union of the Federal District as the top software company.


In 2016, many businesses in the Brazilian retail market were facing rising concerns on operating costs. With Lumi’s focus primarily in this market, the fear of a ripple effect into their company sales started to form.

“One of the industry’s top concerns is to avoid reducing productivity,” says Rodrigo Vidal, Lumi Software Commercial Director.

In this context, server installation expenses are high impacting the costs of services for companies like Lumi. In addition, transportation of machinery and equipment also lead to solution delivery delays. These inefficiencies eventually formed sales difficulties for customers in new territories as software and consulting budgets were being slashed.

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The need for a cloud offering became an increasingly apparent solution path as it would help offset customers’ infrastructure limitations. With Sky One, customer go-live cycles could be reduced also ensuring maintenance and updates could be executed from Lumi’s office and pushed out remotely. By reducing these cost hurdles for the customer, it lead to Lumni’s abilities plan for expansion in untapped territories.

“With a more agile structure, we are able to look for new clients in states where we have no operations yet,” says Vidal.

This created a new path to simplify their business model. With the retail companies operating in an extremely fast-paced market, the need for an agile management software (and their go-live timelines) are critical to keep up with the transactions processed on a daily basis.

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According to Rodrigo Vidal, one of the main obstacles of the IT industry in Brazil used to be the inefficiency of telecommunications. With large, complex servers, data transmission slowed as well as connection speeds. Now, Lumi can deliver faster and more efficient software. Overall, network speeds have not improved much in the country, but Sky.One’s cloud technology allows their software to run on a smaller bandwidth.

“Processing is no longer local and goes to the cloud. That is why you do not need cumbersome hardware, ” Vidal pointed out in addition to being able to address customers’ initial concerns of their data’s security in the cloud “Sky.One’s partnership with a company like Amazon creates a lot of credibility.”

“With a more agile structure, we are able to look for new clients in states where we have no operations yet”

Rodrigo Vidal, Lumi Software Commercial Director