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As your business grows to a certain point, you are faced with numerous hurdles to maintain it. You start asking questions like: How many more employees do I hire? Do I need to adjust sales projections? Do we need a bigger office?

These are all great problems to have! Another big decision to make: Is it time to bring in a new software to help run your operations?

This was the tipping point Lumitron Technologies reached. By driving innovation through new technology in the imaging industry, the California-based technology company is challenging conventional clinical X-ray systems used today in the medical field. Lumitron developed the HyperVIEW imaging system, a platform utilizing a proprietary X-ray technology designed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).

“X-ray machines out in the market today utilize the same technology first demonstrated in 1896,” Humberto Maldonado, CFO of Lumitron, stated, “The new x-ray technology we are developing uses a fundamentally different process that allows us to make an image that is about 1,000 times more detailed than the current image that you see in the market or to image at existing clinical resolutions but with more than 100 times less radiation dose to the patient.”

As their business expands, they realized the software managing their business needs to scale accordingly. Lumitron needed an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution capable of managing all elements of the business (financials & accounting, inventory management, purchasing, manufacturing, etc.). Being in a highly data-sensitive industry, it was mandatory their solution securely stored business-critical information, yet keeping it all within budget of an SMB-sized operation.

“I am the CFO of the company. I do everything from finance, accounting, to HR to onboarding to payroll. I kind of do everything with the back office,” Maldonado summarizing his role at the company, “We did a search for a potential solution that would fulfill our needs, not just now, but in our future since we are going to expand pretty quickly.”

This is where Stellar One Consulting came into the picture. Given Lumitron’s requirements, Stellar One Consulting, a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for SAP Business One, partnered with Sky.One Cloud Solutions for a fully cloud-based deployment of their ERP. The Lumitron Team originally leaned towards implementing Business One on-premise due to their security constraints. After being introduced to the Sky.One Team and addressing concerns with a proposed architecture design, they tipped the infrastructure scale back towards implementing Business One in the cloud as a full SaaS ERP.


“Initially, we wanted to go on premise for security reasons because a lot our documents and technology are proprietary,” Maldonado commented, “Ultimately, we got comfortable with the security that was provided by the hosting [Sky.One]… and decided to go with the cloud.”

Leveraging the security and strength of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) data centers, Sky.One and Stellar One Consulting teamed up to deploy a fully, secured ERP solution, all with cost considerations in mind. Utilizing security tools like 2-phase authentication for user access and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Sky.One is able to safeguard their environment with the needed availability and protection against site-level failures, errors and threats.

Another important factor was solution support after launching into production. Rather than spinning up the cloud and handing the administrative baton off to Stellar One and Lumitron to run with, Sky.One continues to manage and support the infrastructure. By streamlining both cloud resources and support, it eliminated the need for additional resources to maintain the infrastructure whether on-premise or hosted in another cloud.

“If we were going to do on-premise, I think we would have had to do something like that,” Maldonado stated, “or get a consultant to come in and do all of the implementation.”

Lumitron was able to implement their ERP in two months after deciding to go with Business One in the cloud. Like many companies in the SMB market, they plan for the future ahead and how to accommodate anticipated growth. The cloud accelerates those business processes needed within your management software. By utilizing an optimized cloud solution, like Sky.One, it provides you the keys to ignition in your digital transformation journey.

“We did a search for a potential solution that would fulfill our needs, not just now, but in our future since we are going to expand pretty quickly.”

Lumitron Technologies

Based in Irvine, California, Lumitron Technology Inc. was established to develop and commercialize unique X‐ray systems that enable revolutionary new capabilities for high‐fidelity imaging, ultra‐low dose imaging and hyper‐precision radiotherapy.

Stellar One Consulting

Based in Southern California, with satellite offices across North America, Stellar One Consulting is a business consulting company that leverages modern technology to help small-and-medium sized enterprises solve challenges and beat their competitors. As a leading SAP Partner, Stellar One offers SAP Business One Cloud Implementations with a Fixed-Price Promise and an unmatched 90-Day Go-Live Guarantee.

Sky.One Cloud Solutions

Sky.One provides cloud solutions with the security, flexibility, and high performance to benefit companies embracing this innovative path of digital transformation. With a completely cloud-based platform, Sky.One provides the tools and support for hundreds of companies to overcome the obstacles encountered moving to cloud-based technology.