The potential that cloud computing has become for companies goes beyond providing a high-end and low-cost computing structure . Cloud computing has become a strategic tool for different segments. And the logistics sector is no different, we already have several case , however, for some entrepreneurs, concerns arise that need to be clarified before the decision to migrate to the cloud.

Information security and high availability are essential in the logistics sector

Cloud computing has evolved a lot in recent years, new features and a lot of technology have been made available to meet the operational needs of companies.

With all this progress comes a set of challenges, which are considered a high priority. Basically we have three essential questions that logistics companies ask about the cloud.

1. Do I lose control over data when I adopt cloud computing?

The concern about the control of the company's information and that of its customers in a cloud computing provider is common in all companies that think about adopting the cloud. It is normal to think that storing data in a proprietary data center ensures that there is stricter control or greater control over the information processed there.

It is always important to highlight that the services provided by cloud computing consist of offering a set of hardware, software and functionality solutions that guarantee the technology infrastructure of companies, control and access to data, remain the responsibility of logistics companies or companies contracted for this purpose.

2. Will company information be secure in the cloud?

Information security for a long time has been a major challenge linked to cloud computing , not only in terms of securing information stored in the cloud, but convincing companies that there really is a concern for this security guarantee.

For this, like AWS, the main network assets related to information security and essential solutions in security, identity and compliance are provided. This entire structure provided by Amazon guarantees, for example, the main security certifications and meets various requirements and legislation required by different countries and regulatory bodies.

This means that logistics companies can have the necessary security, at a much lower cost than a local environment.

3. What happens if there are service interruptions?

Nowadays, the guarantee of high availability is directly linked to the architecture project to be used in the cloud. This is because services such as load balancing, scalability, backup and recovery, and communication links are resources available to all companies that intend to adopt cloud computing.

For this, it is important that logistics companies make a detailed study of the current structure with all the needs and priorities, in order to transform it into an efficient migration project to the cloud. It will be possible to efficiently use all the resources offered and have all the necessary guarantees for the safe operation of the companies.

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