Following the strong digital transformation that is currently taking place, the retail sector is now impacted by the integration of new technologies and consumption formats. A-Commerce (automated commerce with integrated AI), augmented reality and Machine Learning are technology trends that will transform customer interactions both in physical stores and online.

Retail's new digital journey starts with Artificial Intelligence

The digital journey that companies are going through today, especially retail, comes from a post-Internet evolution that had e-commerce and mobile devices as its main milestones. Once again we have a moment of change with the evolution of Artificial Intelligence.

We have Artificial Intelligence transforming different sectors and serving as the basis for different advances in IT. This technology has been essential, especially at a time when we have more demanding consumers and devices that are connected at a high speed, definitively changing consumption patterns.

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A strong example of the impact of AI on retail is the emergence of A-Commerce, automated commerce with integrated Artificial Intelligence, where consumers are increasingly interacting with applications, outsourcing a large part of their shopping experience. This change has transformed both online and offline, especially when we integrate the use of sensors in physical stores.

This is yet another major transformation taking place in retail, and which will strongly demand a technology structure, both related to infrastructure and professionals.

Machine Learning making the buying process more assertive

The reality is that more and more we will have the combination of technologies to meet the needs of customers. We have data intelligence integrated into the Internet of Things and hyperconnected people generating information at full speed at every moment.

Data collection, integration and analysis will be improved, allowing, for example, applications that use Machine Learning to be more accurate and generating increasingly strategic information within the purchasing process. All this integration in the retail sector becomes more and more a natural path.

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Augmented reality transforming the consumer experience

To finalize the trends that will revolutionize retail in 2018, we have the immersion of consumers in a new shopping experience with the use of virtual and augmented reality. More and more present and expanding and revolutionizing different segments.

Interactive experiences using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (AR) are no longer exclusive to the world of games and are now driving retail, consolidating and definitively changing the way people shop.

Cloud computing as a technological infrastructure for transformation

With so much evolution and technological transformation, it is natural that a robust IT infrastructure is needed to serve as a basis for companies in the retail sector so that they can be part of this new era. Cloud computing comes as a key point in the evolution process.

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The infrastructure provided, like Amazon, has full support for technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and virtual and augmented reality, among others. The big difference is having access to state-of-the-art resources at an affordable cost for most companies.

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