For any company, having the possibility of anticipating receivables is fundamental to having an amount available to use when some urgency arises on the financial side, and that without having to go after loans with high interest rates.

But even in this modality, it is important that you have the easiest possible way to anticipate receivables. Want to know why this is important? It's just that at times when these values ​​need to be in the company's account as soon as possible, whether to pay off some debt or face some type of more urgent reform, it is necessary to make this request quickly and simply .

In this way, it is clear that anticipating receivables through ERP, the main management system of organizations, would be a great way to optimize this process, since this is one of the main systems used by any company .

Do you want to know what are the real benefits of having this possibility through ERP in practice? Then check out the list of 4 advantages that we have listed here and see that making advance payments available can be a great market differentiator to boost sales.

What is the role of ERP within companies?

As you may already know, a software ERP seeks to optimize and integrate operations, processes and information flows in a company . In other words, ERP systems integrate all of an organization's data and processes into a unified system.

Most organizations around the world have realized that in a rapidly changing business environment, it is impossible to keep track of the entire operation in spreadsheets and files.

This means that ERP plays an essential role for any business, being the support point of any area of ​​the company. It is based on it that we are able to identify the entire financial health , which directly impacts the analysis of whether or not there is a need to anticipate the anticipated receivables.

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4 benefits of making it possible to anticipate receivables via ERP

Now let's check out the 4 main advantages your company can get by connecting your ERP with the prepayment of receivables functionality.

1. Loyalty based on a long-standing relationship

The importance of the ERP system within companies creates a long-standing relationship with the supplier of this software . After all, when choosing this solution, the entire process of implementation, support and monitoring of use is carried out to ensure that each customer uses the necessary functionalities to succeed in their operation.

But imagine giving these customers the possibility of having in the same system a service that would normally be done externally, even if the main financial information is in the ERP. It's a great way to show value and retain users within the context of using the software .

This means that you will be more likely to retain the users of your system by offering an exclusive benefit.

2. Information reliability and security

As we know, ERP combines data from accounting, human resources, manufacturing, sales and other divisions of the company in real time. This not only reduces errors in data entry, but also ensures that information is reliable, accurate and available to those who need it to make business decisions.

This high level of reliability and security is the perfect combination that users of your management system need to anticipate receivables together when necessary.

3. Agility in the process

Time is one of the most important assets for any person or company lately. Therefore, the search for process optimization is constant, especially when we talk about financial operations.

And in this case, offering the possibility of anticipating receivables through the ERP is one of the best ways to bring agility to the process.

If the company tries to seek other forms of anticipation, either via credit card operators or bank agents, the imposed bureaucracy would make this process slow. So it is clear that the agility brought by the connection with the ERP is quite a differentiator.

4. More information, better rate

The ERP concentrates all the information necessary for managers to assess the need to anticipate receivables. It is in this system that all the information of:

  • Bills to pay;
  • Bills to receive;
  • Cash flow;
  • Bank flow.

With all this data, it is possible to make a more complete analysis to calculate the ideal interest rate to proceed with the anticipation.

But when this is not done in an integrated manner with this data, the chances of having a higher rate due to lack of guarantees for the flow of receivables are great. 

Now that you know the benefits and the real importance of anticipating receivables through the ERP, don't waste time and check out all the advantages of integrating with Sky.Simple , the layer of simplified financial services for your management software Sky.One !

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