Every year companies increase their investments in IT aiming their digital transformation. All these features will have a strong impact and aim to improve your processes, business and your relationship with your customers. But transformation does not mean shooting in the dark, it is possible to identify trends in technology that will influence business for years to come.

Let's see four important trends that should define the investments that will influence the transformation and evolution of your company in the coming years.

1. The end of the cloud computing concept

Rest assured, we are not talking about the end of cloud computing, but we will not have the cloud as a concept or a trend in technology that is still seeking consolidation in the market. More and more services associated with the cloud will be considered the market standard , going beyond something linked to startups or great innovation.

This means that companies will already have the full potential of cloud computing incorporated into their strategies, reinforcing the trend of business transformation towards an increasingly digital and connected era.

2. Information security as an ongoing process

We are seeing more and more sophisticated attacks like WannaCry and Petya. Companies are still being surprised by these incidents and suffering with great financial and image losses. Cloud computing has done its job and raised the level of security however, this responsibility must also be shared with the companies that use the cloud infrastructure.

The trend in the future is the awareness of this joint work between the provider of cloud services , like Amazon, and its customers. Information security becomes a continuous quality process, with the use of increasingly advanced technologies and highly trained professionals.

3. The growth of Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the ability of computers to recognize patterns and computational learning with the use of artificial intelligence. Over the last decade, machine learning has given us self-driving cars, sophisticated speech recognition and a better understanding of the human genome. The next step will be the demystification of large amounts of data on database platforms.

The result of this evolution will be systems with greater storage, processing and high-performance capabilities, further increasing the resources to be offered to companies seeking to increase their digital presence.

4. The Internet of Things is increasingly embedded in our homes

More and more devices in our homes and cars will be connected . The IoT will provide more information about consumers, increasing the possibilities of products and services for companies in different sectors: retail, healthcare, entertainment, marketing, social networks and more. IoT also has the potential to change consumer behavior and expectations and accelerate the digital transformation of companies.

And the future promises more and more technology and new experiences for users. You need to stay connected and up to date with all this transformation. Learn more about the future of business by following our blog and following us on social media.

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