Have you ever stopped to think that the impact of cloud computing goes beyond reducing costs and providing cutting-edge technology for the infrastructure of different types of businesses? Clearly, there are other benefits associated with adopting the cloud, but the question has to do with the global economy.

Cloud computing has leveraged and transformed existing businesses, allowed the creation of new companies and surprisingly stimulated innovation. A visit to Sky.One 's success and the official Amazon page makes it possible to imagine the volume of business generated through the adoption of the cloud as a technology solution.

Benefits that positively impact retail and customers

In the case of the retail sector, the impact goes beyond the business and reaches customer satisfaction, because when looking for a store or chain, the consumer is not only looking to purchase a product or service, he wants to have good service both in the purchase and troubleshooting, should this occur.

As the benefits of the cloud extend to the various internal sectors of retail companies, the reflection reaches customer service and after sales, everyone has a win. Cloud computing favors the entire chain of processes that are part of the retail industry.

Channel network improvement

By adopting a cloud infrastructure, retailers can integrate different verticals such as inventory and order processing, thereby improving their ability to replenish. Solutions based on cloud computing simplify and optimize processes, allowing a new experience for employees, managers and suppliers.

Better perspective on the supply chain

With cloud computing, companies begin to have a broad view of the supply chain, retailers can, for example, have supply chain systems capable of properly handling their business without inventories, accelerated deliveries or high inventories. Cloud also helps to get real-time status about shipments, documents, vendors, carriers, logistics providers, etc.

Assertive marketing decisions

With the migration to the cloud and the use of Big Data, retailers have access to useful information about customer preferences that help the marketing team make decisions. Retailers by analyzing customer buying trends can decide on stocking, promotions and shortening the time to market for retail products.

Customization of customer service

Personalized customer service can occur from offers based on buying patterns originating from customer management. The large mass of data processed from servers located in the cloud can provide up-to-date information and therefore help retailers to customize offers and customer service. Cloud services combine store data with digital data to offer better solutions to your customers.

Increased performance in business management

The power and flexibility of cloud technology can be used to increase performance in business management, reducing costs and making processes more efficient globally.

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