We are evolving rapidly in terms of technology, for companies that have already migrated to the cloud and those that are still going to migrate, it is necessary to adapt to a new reality with an emphasis on innovation and the emergence of new technologies.

Indeed, cloud architecture has become the platform on which companies are pursuing digital transformation and modernizing their IT infrastructure. Organizations are finding the cloud, the technology necessary to enter their business in the digital age, obtaining the cost reduction they need to evolve their productive processes.

Investing in digital initiatives is the path for all companies

Companies have different reasons to invest in digital initiatives for their businesses. In addition to being strategic, it has become fundamental for its continuity in the market.

  • High connectivity with the evolution of the Internet;
  • Fast interactivity with the use of mobile devices;
  • Change in social behavior and consumer shopping profile;
  • The integration of social networks as a tool for communication and exchange of opinions;
  • Fast consumer access to new technologies through products and services.

Therefore, the objective of the article is to point out trends related to cloud architecture, infrastructure and management that will guarantee the growth strategy and technological evolution of organizations for the coming years.

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1. The growth of multi-cloud within cloud architecture

Relating the concern with aspects related to business continuity, load balancing according to different markets, among other strategic issues. The trend in the coming years is the growth of Amazon's cloud integration with other providers, taking into account a risk analysis and application portability.

2. The Disaster Recovery Concern

Like Amazon, the cloud architecture currently already has advanced support aimed at disaster recovery and therefore, as a future trend, organizations will prioritize the treatment of natural disasters or actions in their processes and actions. external actions, such as terrorism and cyber attacks.

3. The investment in cloud security

In recent years, data protection using encryption, threat detection and access control has ceased to be a challenge for companies, as information security has become a priority in the cloud. Services, previously considered additional, have become part of the cloud architecture of companies. And this trend continues to increase in the coming years.

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4. Cost containment in the cloud

Companies have reached maturity regarding the use of cloud resources, in addition to planning and defining an architecture according to the real needs of the IT infrastructure. The coming years point to concerns about cloud costs, always looking to the digital future of organizations.

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5. Adoption of Containers

The adoption of containers, which allow developers to easily manage and migrate software code, will see dramatic growth as testing and proof-of-concepts make way for production. Companies have found the need to coordinate the deployment of containers for years to come.

And finishing the list, we still have agile methods and investment in DevOps, seeking to increase productivity, in order to speed up the inclusion of new products and services according to the latest technological advances and market trends.

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