The importance of an ERP system in companies today is undeniable. However, a common question at this time is whether this system will be installed locally or whether a cloud service will be used.

The Market Leader ERP system, for example, is an on-premises system. And while it still brings many benefits to the management of a company, the lack of virtualization of this system presents several challenges to companies that want to implement digital transformation.

To show you, below we separate the main challenges faced by those who use the Market Leader ERP system on site and how they can be solved by a cloud service! Follow us and find out!

1. Cost and effective time

Market-Leading ERP, at your location, requires installation and maintenance of the necessary hardware to support the system, which can put a strain on your pocketbook.

Additionally, the additional charges involved with an on-premise ERP system involve hardware management and maintenance costs. On the other hand, cloud ERP helps to reduce costs as it requires minimal hardware implementations as it is hosted in the cloud and serviced by the cloud service provider.

2. Lack of scalability

Cloud ERP offers the advantage of being scalable along with your business requirements. As your business grows needs and demands, you can enjoy fast and accurate scalability with the cloud ERP solution, which is not possible with an on-premise ERP system such as Market Leading ERP.

In an on-premises ERP system, scaling is much more difficult and expensive, and even impossible in many cases, since you have to scale together the entire IT infrastructure, not just the software as in the case of the cloud.

3. Mobility

The Market Leader ERP can only be accessed from computers connected to the local network where it is available, unlike the cloud, which offers much more mobility. A cloud system can be accessed from anywhere with internet, on your cell phones, computers, tablets and other gadgets.

Most cloud systems allow for easy mobile accessibility, and many even offer native mobile apps. But that ease of access also comes with increased security considerations, especially if employees access company files on their personal mobile devices, which brings us to our next point.

4. Security and maintenance

Many companies are mistaken that the cloud ERP solution needs more maintenance to be effective than a system like the Market Leading ERP. Industry experts and many large companies are of the opinion that the cloud solution provides more security to their business processes and activities than an on-premise ERP system.

Think of an incident with your infrastructure, for example. The chances of losing data and having work productivity affected are much higher on a local system. With the cloud, however, your information will always be saved on the servers of a specialist company, ready to handle 24x7x365 security.

Data entering and leaving an ERP is often confidential and therefore needs to be protected. Cloud ERP solutions offer superior security solutions that ensure information is properly encrypted and protected.

5. Difficulty with support

One of the main advantages that the cloud ERP system offers is that the customer support also happens 24/7. Companies using cloud ERP solutions can take advantage of online support from their service provider.

This is not the case with on-site ERP as one has to visit your facility to correct errors. Thus, the cloud ERP solution is not only cost-effective but also saves a lot of time for companies by eliminating instability errors inherent in on-premises systems.

The solution: Easy.Tot, migration of the Market Leading ERP to the cloud

Easy.Tot a new product that migrates the Market Leader ERP to the cloud, allowing your company to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing , as shown above. Take care of possible unforeseen events, modernize processes and have complete autonomy and control over the application.

ERP is the way to go today for companies to stay competitive. The business landscape is becoming increasingly data-centric and therefore organizations need solutions to manage information.

software software for IT. Therefore, get in touch with us and see how Easy.Tot can migrate your on-premises Market Leader ERP systems to the cloud without compromising your productivity!


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