Using SAP Business One has an important number of benefits for your SME that you don't want to miss out on. We give you 8 main reasons to do it

If you have a PYME (or work in it), it is very possible that you are wondering why you want to use SAP Business One. It is a highly effective management solution chosen by more and more business owners and corporate managers to have perfect control of everything related to the IT-technological aspect of the business.

This is because it has a large number of advantages that, I am sure, you are interested in knowing. Discover the 8 reasons why small and medium-sized companies choose SAP Business One ERP. But not only are we going to talk about the benefits of this software . First, you'll find out why you should migrate to the cloud and, at the end, we'll tell you what advantages you have when using Auto.Sky Business One with SAP.

The importance of migrating to the cloud

Currently, the number of companies that move to the cloud increases exponentially. This is because we have already realized that this is not a fad but a necessity for everyone who wants their business to be productive.

This consumption model is already the most popular because it has much to offer at all levels.

Constant update. The storage of your information in the cloud will always be optimal due to the fact that the infrastructures are constantly being updated. In addition, the updates are automatic, contrary to what happens with the vast majority of physical software (or not physical ones out-line), which require constant supervision -and long waiting times- to update. So, you always have access to services that offer all the latest news in the sector, so that your management will not be based on obsolete techniques typical of outdated systems.

  • Quick access to the content: your content will be available in an instant, with a ridiculous latency time, especially if compared to what you have on a physical server;
  • Mobility: you also have to consider that you do not have the obligation to connect from a single device on which you have installed your software ; You can do it from any time, starting your session on the cloud, from work, from the coach, by day, by night, on the bus or on vacations in another country;
  • Security: essential point is security. The cloud offers you total privacy of your data, so that you are the one who gives access to these;
  • Unforeseen circumstances: one of the main reasons why the cloud has taken on importance is because it offers security copies, something unthinkable in systems that have been operating for a few years now;
  • Scalability: Isn't it nice to know that you can hire a service based on how many people need it? The scalability of the cloud services allows the investment of the entrepreneur to be minimal at the start of his business progress, being able to allocate part of the budget to other menesters. As we need it, we will hire services; all at your due time, without overpaying for something we don't use.

What are the SAP benefits to manage your SME?

Now that you've understood why cloud services are so beneficial, let's see what are the reasons you should know to use SAP Business One.

  • Total availability: no matter what information you are handling, it will be available whenever you need it. And if you need more services, like new server, carpets, disk space and others, they will provide you quickly;
  • Data protection: your information is stored in VPC (virtual private networks in the cloud). These are protected by regulatory regulations in charge of restricting access to them;
  • Security: it offers an automatic copy of the data with which you work, so that you are sure of your back before any incident, being able to put your work to work quickly, without that carelessness implying that the company is putting its feet up;
  • Lower TCO: opting for this solution allows you to save money, as you have a predictable cost based on an optimization of the resources offered by AWS, as we work. You are not going to pay for a pack of services but for the specific hiring of each service in the necessary measure;
  • Infrastructure management: automatic tools are available to manage and monitor the infrastructure up to the point of offering automatic reactions to incidents;
  • High performance: depending on your needs, you can choose the best combination of storage, processing and memory options;
  • Assistance: accounts with accident management systems via telephone and email, so that any incident is resolved immediately, with 24/7 availability;
  • Ease of use: this solution is really easy to use, so that your business management stops being a headache and becomes something simple and quick to carry out that allows you to dedicate time and effort to other aspects.

Now you know what the reasons are for small and medium-sized companies to use SAP Business One and, therefore, why SAP Business One is the best solution to store the management of your company in the cloud.

Why migrate to the cloud with Auto.Sky Business One?

Using SAP Business One without using Auto.Sky doesn't make much sense. Why? SkyOne Solutions offers the best solutions to migrate information from great ERPs like SAP Business One to the cloud.

Yes, unfortunately, SAP Business One did not have a native infrastructure for the cloud. This means that, in order to enjoy its benefits by renting cloud storage services, you need to migrate; this is where Auto.Sky Business One .

What you do, basically, is to enable migration in a totally simple way so that you can enjoy the benefits that the cloud offers you and that we have commented on at the beginning of this article.

This migration becomes very simplified with this Sky.One solution that combines automation to enhance client/server apps with cloud aspects such as high availability, scalability, security, etc., and that is precisely why we wanted to comment on it before finishing.


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